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Teratec 2022 Forum
Technical and Application Workshops

Wednesday 15 June 2022 - Ecole Polytechnique

Led by leading market players and recognized experts, the workshops of the Teratec 2022 Forum, whether they are use or technology oriented, will review emerging technologies and new application areas of Simulation, HPC/HPDA, AI and Quantum.




Technological Changes and Mutation of Professions

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HPC Technologies and Health

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HPC and computer codes: a constantly evolving ecosystem
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Technologies & Applications of the future

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What's new with qubits? A European view

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The Economics of Earth Observation Data

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Energy and Carbon Footprint
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AI and HPC in Industry
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Europe is on its way towards “Hybrid Qomputing”
Communicable diseases and vision disorde
Cyberthreats, welcome to a new World!
Satellite data for the environment and climate: the horizon of digital twins
Autonomous Systems: Stakes from Development to Exploitation
New Storage Paradigms to Tackle Exascale Challenges

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Digital Twins in medicine
Quantum computing: What's new in QuBits?
Environment and satellite data
AI in scientific computing
Cloud computing ans HPC
Do you speak Exascale?

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Digital Twins: from concept to industrial implementation
Quantum computing: which applications will benefit
Environment & Natural Resources
Digital and Data Sciences for precision medicine
Machine Learning and predictive Maintenance
Additive Manufacturing & Composites Materia
Data handling and management
Autonomous Systems

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Predictive maintenance facilitated by digital twins
Health and personalized medicine in the era of HPC
The quantum revolution under way
Cultural and creative industries at the forefront with digital technology
HPC, Cloud and embedded-systems (HPC in the Loop)
Building industry and infrastructures rebuilt by digital technologies
Deep Learning through practice and feedback
Autonomous systems and HPC / HPDA

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Simulation and big data technologies for yield and quality monitoring in Agriculture
Health - Perspectives for Personalized Medicine in 2025
Blockchain and digital value chain: foundations, governance, opportunities
Evolution of HPC software environment
Algorithms and Deep Learning, new paradigms and challenges?
Big Data for materials sciences
Numerical precision and stability in HPC simulation

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New approaches to big data analytics in agriculture
Tools and algorithms for Big Data applications
Specialised computing architectures
Visualization and multimedia
High Performance Integrated Computational Materials Engineering
HPC Technologies & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) infrastructures
HPC technologies and applications in the healthcare sector

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Numerical technologies for plant Industry
Big Data: Optimizing decision making through Data Analytics
Architectures for HPC/HPDA
Big data, multiscale and materials
HPC and Simulation Impacts on Engineering Process
Algorithms and parallel software
Innovative storage and IO technologies for exascale
Modeling and data for urban systems

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HPC & Big data applications and solution architectures: evolution and convergence
Optimal design of complex systems: state of the art technology and locks
Scientific Computing & Open Source: industrial practices for open source software
Material simulation: new materials, usage, and durability
HPC & Big Data Software components and tools
Digital technologies for plant
HPC and Healthcare: From therapeutic research to personalized medicine
Modeling and simulating urban systems

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Embedded and Mechatronics Complex Systems
Materials Simulation
Big Data & HPC
Energy Efficiency of HPC systems
HPC in Biology and Health
Modeling and simulation to support sustainable cities
ScilabTEC, Annual Scilab Users Day

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Complex Systems Numerical Design
Exascale Challenges
Visualization, optimization and performance
Green Computing Centers
Data Deluge(s)
Special SME Session
ScilabTEC : Fourth edition of the Scilab Users’ Day

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Architecture and storage for future systems
Complex systems Engineering
HPC towards new applications
Software tools for hybrides and GPU arhitectures
Visualization : Simulation & Performance
Scientific Software HPC Evolutions

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Systems Engineering
The New Paradigms of Scientific
Image production
Systemes Architecture
Parallel applications, the challenges of manycore architectures
ScilabTec' 10

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