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Teratec Digital Forum 2020
Wednesday October 14, 2020

Workshop 01 - 09:00 to 10:30

Environment and satellite data:
from abundance of applications to the surge of structured solutions

Chaired by Laurent Boisnard, Deputy Head of Earth Observation, CNES and François Robida, BRGM

By 2020, the volume of Earth observation data collected in a single year by the Copernicus Sentinel satellite fleet will exceed all high-resolution imagery data collected over the last 30 years in Europe. This unification of data is set to accelerate further with arrival of new private constellations, combined with the wide variety of sensors and measured variables (multi-spectral optical/radar imagery, atmospheric sounding, altimetry), is the source of a powerful movement towards HPC, HPDA, Cloud Computing and Big Data technologies needed to absorb, store and process such data, as well as to use and enhance them. Added to this phenomenon is the strong emergence of AI (Machine Learning/Deep Learning) in the geosciences, taking the capacity or potential for large-scale extraction of information to a very high level.

The workshop will be an opportunity to present the richness of the field, through deliberately varied and illustrating thematic applications: ocean meteorology, coastal dynamics, land occupation and precision agriculture, urban growth..., with a certain number of ongoing developments, involving public and private actors, be it for data access infrastructure projects based on hybrid or interoperable architectures, services for the production of targeted analyses, or demonstrative cases of virtual laboratories (science test beds or virtual research environments) allowing the testing of models or algorithms on intensive computing infrastructures.

National and European structuring initiatives for data access will be at the heart of this workshop, in particular the Data Terra Research Infrastructure and the DIAS Wekeo Copernicus.

With the participation of :

Deep learning on remote sensing images: a new era for environmental applications
Rémi Cresson, Ingénieur, INRAE et David Youssefi, Ingénieur, CNES

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Abstract & Bio

Satellite data for urban growth
Alice Froidevaux, Lead Data Scientist and Thanh-Long Huynh, CEO, QuantCube Technology

Abstract & Bio

On a new-generation hydrodynamics modelling platform for coastal applications
Andrea Gilberto Filippini, Ingénieur Chercheur, BRGM

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Abstract & Bio

Scaling scientific data analysis on HPC or Cloud facilities with Pangeo
Guillaume Eynad-Bontemps, Responsable Centre de Calcul, CNES and Tina Odaka, Ingénieur recherche et développement en traitement de larges jeux de données, IFREMER

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Abstract & Bio

Data and services infrastructure for Earth system observation and modelling
Karim Ramage, chargé de mission Architecture IR Data Terra, IPSL/CNRS

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Abstract & Bio

From EO data and models to a digital ecosystem : WEkEO
Alain Arnaud ,Copernicus Director, Mercator Ocean and Frederic Vallois, WEkEO Sales Director, Thales Alenia Space

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Abstract & Bio

Estimation of River Discharges from SWOT Observations using Data Assimilation and hydraulic Models
Sophie Ricci, Chargée de Recherche, CERFACS

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