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Wednesday October 14, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 01 - 09:00 to 10:30

Environment and satellite data: from abundance of applications to the surge of structured solutions
Chaired by Laurent Boisnard, Deputy Head of Earth Observation, CNES and François Robida, BRGM

On a new-generation hydrodynamics modelling platform for coastal applications
By Andrea Gilberto Filippini, Ingénieur Chercheur, BRGM

Unstructured mesh of the Caribbean sea around the Guadaloupe island.

Unstructured mesh of the Caribbean sea around the Martinique island.

Human activity is largely concentrated close to coastlines. Nowadays, coastal areas host around 10% of the world's population and a huge amount of economic activities (harbours, industrial and energetic plants, touristic activities...). Climate changes are expected to increase coastal flooding hazard in years to come. Recent devastating events have shown the very destructive effects such phenomena may have in terms of human victims and economic losses. As a consequence, assessing and predicting the risk has become a paramount importance factor. To achieve this target, very high resolutions simulations are mandatory, as well as a probabilistic approach with hundreds/thousands of computations. 

In this context, most of the existing complex industrial codes for coastal engineering reach their limits, often based on 20-30 years old numerical and software techniques. BRGM is currently involved in a multi-partner consortium focused on the development of a new-generation operational model for coastal applications, based on the most recent academic advances and high performance computing (HPC), to address global scale problems, very high resolutions and uncertainty quantifications.

Biographie : Andrea G. Filippini est Ingénieur Chercheur dans l’équipe Risques Côtiers et Changement Climatiques au BRGM. Il est en charge de la modélisation hydrodynamique pour l’évaluation du risque de submersion côtière lié à des évènements de tempête, tsunamis ou cyclones, ainsi qu’au développement des outils de simulation numérique.

Plus tôt dans sa carrière il a développé son expertise en modélisation numérique, calcul scientifique et océanographie dans les instituts de recherche INRIA et EPOC (CNRS), PhD en 2016.


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