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Wednesday October 14, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 01 - 09:00 to 10:30

Environment and satellite data: from abundance of applications to the surge of structured solutions
Chaired by Laurent Boisnard, Deputy Head of Earth Observation, CNES and François Robida, BRGM

Data and services infrastructure for Earth system observation and modelling
By Karim Ramage, chargé de mission Architecture IR Data Terra, IPSL/CNRS

Observing, understanding and predicting in an integrated manner the history, functioning and evolution of the Earth system undergoing global change is a fundamental research challenge and a necessity for the implementation of sustainable development objectives. This requires interoperable infrastructures to accelerate the extraction, analysis, dissemination and intelligent use of data, indicators and models from national and international observation and simulation systems.

This knowledge is based for observations on data from satellites, ships, aircraft, drones, submersibles, balloons, in situ devices and observatories and for models on data from reference simulations.

The mission of the Data Terra Research Infrastructure "Data and Services Pole for the Earth System" is to develop and operate an information system to facilitate access to this multi-source data and to develop FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) quality products and services for all compartments and their interactions, from the Earth's core to the limits of the atmosphere.

This information system is based on a distributed hardware computing infrastructure relying on large data centres combining storage and computing resources and on a software infrastructure currently under development allowing data to be cross-referenced and processing to be distributed to meet the needs of production, scientific exploitation and information services for public players.

Biographie : Karim Ramage est responsable du service informatique de la Fédération de Recherche IPSL du CNRS et du mésocentre climat-environnement associé.
Titulaire d’un doctorat en physique de la télédétection, il s‘est orienté vers le traitement, l’analyse et la gestion de données d’observation du système terre et le déploiement des infrastructures informatiques nécessaires à l’exploitation de ces données. A ce titre, il a participé à la mise en place de base de données pour plusieurs projets internationaux d’observation et de simulation. Il est aujourd’hui chargé de mission pour le développement de l’architecture informatique de l’Infrastructure de Recherche Data Terra.

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