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Digital Thematic Mornings

In addition to the exhibition and face-to-face conferences on May 29 and 30, 2024 at the Parc Floral de Paris, and its digital platform enabling the entire high-powered digital community to exchange ideas all year round, the Teratec Forum is offering themed Digital Morning sessions in April and October 2024.

Digital Thematic Morning - Smart cities - April 25, 2024 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

AI and digital twins: undeniable assets for resilient, sustainable cities

Access the replay of the Matinale Digitale dedicated to Smart Cities, which took place on April 25 >>>

During this morning session, we invite you to discover the digital technological challenges and innovative solutions deployed in cities and metropolises to help them meet the challenges of climate change, accelerate their energy and ecological transitions, and improve their residents' quality of life.

  • How can we harness artificial intelligence to predict and smooth urban traffic flow?

  • How can we capitalize on digital twins to improve the thermal insulation of a building or the energy performance of an entire neighborhood?

  • What can we expect from the most ambitious research projects and new Lidar data surveys, which are reaching unprecedented levels of precision, to accelerate the development of innovation at the service of the major urban transitions of our time?

These are just some of the exciting questions we'll be exploring on April 25, 2024 with our experts at this 100% Digital Matinale of the Teratec 2024 Forum, held in partnership with Cap Digital.

Panorama: AI and digital twins: between technological promise and major urban challenges
With Professor Dominique Baillargeat, Director of CNRS office in ASEAN


Keynote: Paris 2024 Olympic Games: how to make the ring road more fluid and maximize the thermal insulation of the Olympic Village
With Jacques Beltran, Vice President, Global Head, Cities & Public Services, Dassault Systèmes

Keynote: How a computing infrastructure can serve the digital twin
With François Sabatino, President, Eclairion

Round Table: IA, AI, Digital Twins and urban transition, the importance of a multiscalar approach
Animated by Guillaume Doyen, Editorial Director (La Gazette des communes, Le Courrier des maires...) Infopro Digital

Players in the city of tomorrow are springing into action, using artificial intelligence and digital twins to accelerate urban change. This ranges from the creation of a digital version of the whole of France to the digital reproduction of a specific neighborhood or building. Advanced technologies such as large language models and deep neural systems are also involved, as are artificial intelligences integrated into urban equipment. Now, the challenge of compatibility and interoperability at different scales is crucial to the success of this transition.

With the participation of :

  • Philippe Sajhau, Director of smart cities, innovation and data, ville de Noisy-le-Grand.
  • Benoit Gufflet, Innovation project manager, Groupe Bouygues
  • Philippe Chevalier, General Manager and co-founder, Kipsum
  • Dimitri Sarafinof, Deputy Director of Programs and Chief Strategy Officer, IGN

Research & Development session

  • Presentation of the JUNON program: Centre Val de Loire Digital Twins for better management of local natural resources
    With Sebastien Dupraz, Director of the JUNON Program, BRGM

  • Presentation of the DesCartes program on hybrid artificial intelligence
    With Francisco Chinesta, University professor in digital physics, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers


Conclusion : Key points and outlook
By Christian Saguez, Co-founder and Honorary Chairman, Teratec

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How AI and HPC are revolutionizing the insurance and finance industry

  • Panorama with Christophe Michel, Responsable Global Quantitative Research , Crédit Agricole CIB - Marché des capitaux
  • Round Table: Finance-Insurance-Risk Modeling: The response of the great computing powers of AI animated by Emmanuel Duteil, Directeur des Rédactions du pole industrie d’Infopro Digital, with the participation of Emmanuel Gobet (Professeur de Mathématiques Appliqués, Ecole Polytechnique), Christophe Blanchet (Data Analytics - BFSI, Altair), Vincent Gibert (Regional Sales Manager SEUR, VAST Data), Tjerk Houweling (Consultant AI solution architecte, HPE)
  • Keynote with Benjamin Roy, CTO, Capital Fund Management
  • Research & Development Session with Victor Le Coz (Researcher in Econophysics, Ecole Polytechnique ) and Charles-Albert Lehalle (Quantitative R&D Lead, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority)
  • key points and perspectives by Christian Saguez, Président d'honneur et co-fondateur, Teratec

Replay >>>>

The extraordinary contribution of digital technology to healthcare

  • Opening with Claude Bertrand, VP exécutif en charge de la R&D, Servier
  • Keynote with Sandra Fournier, Directrice générale, Moderna France
  • Round Table: Numerical modeling tools: what can they do for the healthcare sector? animated by Sylvie Latieule (Directrice des rédactions InfoChimie, Industrie Pharma) with the participation of Christophe Battail, (Chercheur en Bioinformatique, Directeur adjoint du laboratoire Gen&Chem, Institut IRIG, CEA Grenoble), Michel Behr (Directeur Adjoint du TS2,  LBA - Université Gustave Eiffel /Aix-Marseille Université), Mehdi Rahim (R&D Scientist - Computational and Data Science research team, Air Liquide), Irène Vignon-Clementel (Directrice de Recherche, Inria Simbiotix and an Owkin representative
  • Keynote with Loic Delannoy (Regional Sales Manager, VAST Data) and Alban Lermine (Directeur SI et Bioinformatique GCS SeqOIA)
  • Keynote with Mathieu Charvériat, Co-Fondateur et Directeur Général, Theranexus
  • Research and Development session with Jean-Baptiste Morlot (Co-Fondateur et CTO, DeepLife), Wilfried Kirschenmann (Directeur R&D et CTO, Aneo) and Bruno Lecointe (Group VP Business Support HPC AI & Quantum, Eviden an atos business)
  • key points and perspectives by Daniel Verwaerde, Président, Teratec

Replay >>>>

Digital energy: developments and challenges

  • Introduction & Overwiew with Claire Waast-Richard, Data Manager, Enedis interviewed by Emmanuel Duteil, Director of the Industry section of Infopro Digital
  • Keynote with Patrick Blanc-Tranchant, Head of Research and Development Department, CEA Energy Directorate
  • Round Table: Digital in future energy systems animated by Julien Bergounhoux Rédacteur en chef L'Usine Digitale with the participation of Eric Andersen, Senior GM-Head of Geoscience Solutions, Petronas), Muthukumar Sockalingam (Project Manager, Petronas Digital), Chin Soon Lim (Application Support Engineer, Petronas ICT), Victor Martin (head of R&D, Totalenergies), Jean-Thomas Acquaviva, (Team lead research groupe, DDN), Emmanuel Besse (CEO Worldgrid, Head of E&U Industry Southern Europe, EVIDEN)
  • Keynote with François Sabatino, Président de Eclairion 
  • Research and Development Session with Joseph Mikael (Head of Quantum Computation & Quantum Information project, EDF), Mathieu Salanne (directeur ISCD - Institut des sciences du calcul et des données Sorbonne Université), Michaël Gabay (Directeur, Artelys) and Helen Schottenhamml (Doctoral Researcher, IFPEN)
  • key points and perspectives by Hervé Mouren, Managing Director, Teratec

Replay >>>>

For any other information regarding Digital Thematic Mornings, please contact:

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