From research to start-ups, where does France stand in the quantum race?

Interview with Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022, at the Teratec 2023 Forum.

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Quantum computing
A new QAP from the Region
Teratec is working with Quandela, the Centre Borelli and Thalès, who have joined forces to make quantum computing available for air traffic management applications for drones in urban environments.
The aim of this project is to assess the ability of quantum computers to calculate the optimisation of drone trajectories while taking into account geometric, physical, energy and airspace sharing constraints.
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3 new Quantum Pack IdF
Teratec is proud to support two of the new Quantum Packs voted by the IdF Region. The IDF Region is funding 3 quantum start-ups, Alice & Bob, PASQAL and Quandela, which will be working on use cases provided by aerospace and defence manufacturers: Airbus, MBDA and NAVAL GROUP, as well as leading academic players: ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab and Inria.
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4&5 June 2024 - 2nd TQCI International Seminar on Benchmarks for Quantum Computers




We invite you to join us for a new edition of the TQCI seminar dedicated to the state of progress of various benchmarking initiatives for quantum computers.

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11 May 2023 - TQCI seminar
on quantum benchmarking initiatives


11 May 2023 - Thales, Palaiseau
The aim of this 7th TQCI seminar, organised jointly with Teratec, Thales and the LNE, was to take stock of the various benchmarking initiatives in France and around the world and the different challenges they face.

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TQCI seminar dedicated to quantum hybridization


Don't miss the seminar organised by EDF with the support of TQCI.
With the emergence of hybrid quantum/classical algorithms and the delivery of the first non-classically reproducible quantum computers, the hybridisation of CPUs, GPUs and QPUs is becoming central.

How can we build an architecture capable of maximising the utilisation rate of QPUs in hybrid algorithms, while maintaining the quantum advantage in terms of carbon footprint and computing time?

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TQCI seminar dedicated to quantum projects


The aim of this seminar, co-organised by Teratec as part of its TQCI initiative, Systematic as part of the Digital Engineering club and NAFEMS, is : - take stock of these algorithmic innovations and their applications to real-life cases, through presentations given by start-ups in the ecosystem, - and to encourage the emergence of new projects in the context of future regional, national and European calls for projects.

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Emmanuelle Vergnaud
Direction des opérations




TQCI Seminars

→ March 31, at INRIA

This TQCI seminar brought together more than 110 people at INRIA on March 31, 2022. The two keynote speakers Fréderic Magniez, Director of Research at CNRS, and Patrice Bertet, Director of Research at CEA Saclay presented state of the art and perspectives of quantum algorithms and quantum hardware, respectively. Neil Abroug and Jacques-Charles Lafoucrière presented the French strategy and the HQI initiative, Harold Ollivier (INRIA) put forward strategy recommendations for companies to access quantum computing, Frederic Barbaresco and Joseph Mikaël traced the resolution of systems of differential equations carried out by THALES-EDF with their joint project.
The program of this seminar and presentations are available on the Teratec website:


→ December 8, at ENSTA

The purpose of this seminar, organized by Teratec with Systematic and NAFEMS, was to take stock of algorithmic innovations and their applications to use cases, with presentations given by start-ups within the ecosystem. It also helped fostering the emergence of new projects, in context of future regional, national and European calls for projects.

Juliette Ginies from C12, Théau Péronnin from Alice&Bob, Christophe Legrand from Pasqal, Jean Senellart from Quandela and Laurent Guiraud from ColibriTd came to present their progress for the different partnership projects they are spearheading. Sylvain Ferrari and Davide Boschetto from ENSTA presented the Eduquantum training project.

The day ended with a presentation of the various calls for projects both regional as well as national, and willing companies introduced their own skills and tentative project ideas with their pitch.
All presentations available on Teratec web:: Seminaire_TQCI-221208.html