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The TERATEC Campus will house research laboratories both public and private and comprise major players in high performance simulation and computing who will use these powerful tools to remain state-of-the-art and at the cutting edge of world research and thus further enhance the competitiveness of research and industry in very numerous fields of activity..

The TERATEC Campus will provide 10,000 square meters of office space and in 2010 will play host to :

Major players in Industry and Computing

Technology Companies : Large companies and small businesses, systems suppliers, software providers and service companies are all present on the Teratec Campus, where they perform technical, commercial and research activities related to HPC. The industrial expertise present there covers the entire value chain, from components and systems up to software and services.

Companies located on the Teratec campus: Bull / Atos - CEA - ESI Group - Intel

Incubator and Business Center

The Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry accommodates SMEs and innovative companies, offering adapted solutions, custom-tailored support and high-quality service to best support their growth in a technology-rich environment favorable to the development of their simulation and modeling activities.

Companies and Labs located on the Incubator and Business Center : ACIT, AS+ Groupe Eolen, Atem, CESIMat, Clustervision, Distene, ETP4HPC, FullScale, Ingérop, Mantenna, Microtrans, Numtech, ParaTools, Sema Software, RTSolutions, Synomen, Teratec, Wizyoo, ....

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Indusrial laboratories

The Teratec Campus is gradually becoming home to several research laboratories on topics such as future architectures and exaflops systems, developing and parallelizing simulation software, and designing complex systems :

The Exascale Computing Research Laboratory
to meet technological challenges related to creating and building computers with performance levels one thousand times better than today’s computers. (CEA / Intel / UVSQ)

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The Extreme Computing Laboratory
to develop future architectures and the next generation of very high performance systems. (Bull Atos / CEA)

Centre d’Expertise en Simulation des Matériaux CESIMat aimed at establishing an industry-oriented institute dedicated to materials simulation. (CEA, Faurecia, L’Oreal, Michelin, Safran)

Intel Big Data Labs - European laboratory dedicated to developing Big Data solutions.

Services for companies

Service platforms provide industry stakeholders – especially small businesses– with the computing resources, software and technical expertise they need to carry out their projects, thus allowing them to develop new products or services more quickly and easily.

Teaching and Training

Through partnerships with universities, engineering schools and industrial firms, the Teratec Campus will provide training and education and give students, engineers and researchers access to the skills and expertise available on the site.

Teratec Training Workshop

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Master’s Degree in High-Performance Computing & Simulation (MIHPS)

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Modelling and Simulation Master (M2S)

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Continuing Training


The objective of the TERATEC Technopole is to provide professionals in the field of Numerical Simulation and High Performance Computing a dynamic and user-friendly environment which will become a true crossroads and hub of innovation and facilitate exchanges and cross-fertilization of ideas.

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