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TERATEC Forum 2012
Workshop 1 - Thursday, June 28, 2012, 09:00/12:30
Complex Systems Numerical Design : progress, trends and challenges

Chairmen : Jacques DUYSENS, HPC Project – Gérard POIRIER, DASSAULT AVIATION - Christian SAGUEZ, TERATEC

This workshop was dedicated dedicated to a “methods & tools state-of-the-art” for complex systems numerical design and optimization. Despite last decade giants strides in hardware and software in terms of performance and simulations accuracy, there are still numerous critical technology challenges for a fully effective and efficient use of virtual design tools & methods by industry and research.

The emphasis has been put on the actual progress and the challenges we have to overcome. It has also been put on complexity treatment and management in “traditional” sectors like automotive, energy, aerospace, … but also in new sectors where simulation is massively entering like for example biology and life sciences. Different international points of view were addressed from industries, research laboratories, specialized services companies and ISVs.

This workshop was introduced by Michel RAVACHOL (Dassault-Aviation and Systematic CSDL project coordinator) who through his experience and expertise through Dassault-Aviation, the CSDL project and also the future SYSTEMX Institute of Research and Technology, has addressed a state-of-the-art of this strategic discipline, with a focus of the today’s methods tools and trends to go beyond.

Systematic “Complex Systems Design Lab” Research Project Results - Simulation-Based Engineering challenges for the future SystemX Research and Technology Institute.

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Towards a Global Virtual IFE (Inertial Fusion Energy) -Based Reactor: methodology and challenges
Michel DECROISETTE, CEA Scientific Adviser - Jacques DUYSENS, HPC-Project - Noël FLEUROT, CEA Scientific Adviser - Marc NOVARO, CEA Scientific Adviser

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Coffee break - Exibition - Networking - Grand Hall
Complexity Analysis and Behavior Approach: application to the modeling of a surface epithelium
Christophe BEESAU et Ruchi GANGWAR, ALTRAN
Fast Isogeometric Solvers for Explicit Dynamics
Victor M CALO, Longfei GAO, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science and Earth Science & Engineering, King Abdullah University of Sciences and Technology (KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Computational Challenges in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)
Dr. B P GAUTHAM, Principal Scientist, Process Engineering  Innovation Lab - TRDDC, TATA Consultancy Services


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