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Workshop 4 - Wednesday, June 29

Specialised computing architectures : helpers or challengers ?
Chaired by Gérard ROUCAIROL, TERATEC, Jean-Philippe NOMINE and Marc DURANTON, CEA

This workshop is exploring and highlighting various specialized approaches for computing architectures at different scales, and the kinds of applications they can match. Functional and energy efficiency were questioned, as well as the perspectives of such approaches – and whether they are to be considered and used as substitutes, helpers or challengers w.r.t. current CMOS-based general-purpose CPU-or-accelerator-built computing architectures.

With the participation of :

The SpiNNaker Project
Steve FURBER, professor of Computer Engineering, University of Manchester

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The new paradigm of quantum computing and its implementation challenges
Daniel ESTEVE, Quantronique, SPEC, CEA-Saclay, Université Paris-Saclay

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Novel brain-inspired computing machine: photonic harware demonstrating the Reservoir Computing concept
Laurent LARGER, professeur univ. Franche-Comté & dir.adj. institut FEMTO-ST

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FPGA-powered storage-attached compute accelerator for real-time petabyte-scale analytics on 4U/6KW

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Power dissipation in integrated circuits and adiabatic solutions
Hervé FANET, ingénieur de recherche, CEA LETI

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