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Workshops - Wednesday June 12

Workshop 4 - 09:00 to 12:30

Digital and Data Sciences for precision medicine – from projects to reality

Chaired by par Christophe CALVIN, CEA

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The exploitation of health data and digital tools opened the door to a precision and personalized medicine. TERATEC, through its thematic workshops, has for many years presented various initiatives and projects on this theme.

The aim of this half-day workshop for 2019 is to present examples of digital tools under construction or already operational for personalized medicine.

During this workshop, we will cover a wide range of topics such as digital tools for decision-making for breast cancer treatment or surgeons.

Different digital platforms will illustrate the relevance of analysis tools on clinical databases for diagnosis and personalized treatment.

Finally, the national Health Data Hub project, whose goal is to make health data accessible to boost research based on data science and artificial intelligence, will be presented.

With the participation of :

Christophe CALVIN, CEA

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Dr Warehouse – a translational data warehouse
Nicolas GARCELON, Responsable de la plateforme Data Science d’Imagine – Institut des maladies génétiques & Co-fondateur de la startup codoc

Abstract & Bio
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The issue of health data at the hospital
Alain LIVARTOWSKI, Directeur-adjoint des Data - Ensemble hospitalier - Institut Curie

Abstract & Bio
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Status update on the Health Data Hub initiative
Stéphanie COMBES, Ministère de la Santé, DREES

Abstract & Bio
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Development of a multimodal decision support platform for the management of breast cancer: the European Union DESIREE project
Brigitte SEROUSSI, Maître de conférences - Praticien hospitalier, Sorbonne Université, Assistance - Publique Hôpitaux de Paris, LIMICS UMR_S 1142
Abstract & Bio
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Digital histopathology? (R)evolve the study of tissues with digital imaging and AI?
Nicolas LOMENIE, PhD, Associate Professor. Maître de Conférences Informatique, HDR, Université PARIS DESCARTES and Damien DUBUC, Solution architect HIPE software, ANEO

Abstract & Bio
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The Digital Vascular Twin to prevent cardiovascular accidents
Florian BERNARD, co-founder & CEO, Nurea

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