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Workshop 4 - 09:00 to 12:30
Digital and Data Sciences for precision medicine – from projects to reality

The Digital Vascular Twin to prevent cardiovascular accidents

By Florian BERNARD, co-founder & CEO, Nurea

Cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of death in the world. They kill 18 million people very year in the world and one person every minute in Europe. The increasing of risky population and at the same time the diminution of time available for radiologists and surgeons to diagnose and follow patients do not allow an accurate and efficient medical images analysis to screen patients and prevent accidents. However, reliable information on the patient vascular state and its evolution are available in the images but cannot be extracted manually or with naked eye. Thanks to the automatic reconstruction and analysis of the « digital vascular twin » of each patient, the software developped by Nurea, a spin-off of Inria, physicians can visualize morphological and mechanical indicators allowing him to anticipate cardiovascular complications and prevent urgency. This unique numerical tool is based on three pillars: (i) image processing, (ii) AI and (iii) mathematical modeling.

Biographie : Florian BERNARD est titulaire d’un double doctorat en mathématiques appliquées de l’Université de Bordeaux et en mécanique des fluides du Politecnico di Torino. Durant deux ans en tant qu’ingénieur de recherche à Inria dans l’équipe MEMPHIS, il a développé différents outils de simulation numérique et de traitement d’images réunissant dans une unique bibliothèque informatique 10 ans de recherche en mathématiques appliquées. Il est aujourd’hui Président et co-fondateur de Nurea, une start-up issue d’Inria développant un logiciel d’analyse de CT-scans et d’IRM pour la prévention des accidents cardio-vasculaires.


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