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Workshops - Wednesday June 12

Workshop 6 - 14:00 to 17:30

Additive Manufacturing & Composite Materials : Simulating becomes essential

Chaired by Dominique GHIGLIONE, CETIM

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The manufacturing industry is undergoing a real revolution! After centuries of shaping existing materials to obtain the parts in need, it began to use additive manufacturing in series, where the material is created at the same time as the part.

Composite materials used until then for small series manufacturing (aeronautics, naval...) enter mass production such as automobiles.

Rapid prototyping, which until then had been limited to the production of 3D resin models, is now moving to the additive manufacturing stage where parts are readily made of the right material with a very strong increase in metal printing.

These two major evolutions would not be possible without the contribution of digital technologies (CAD, Calculation/Simulation...) that allow, on the one hand to create a part that meets the specifications, and on the other hand, to develop the manufacturing processes ensuring the perfect realization of the designed part in real time.

The objective of this workshop is therefore to review the latest advances in terms of simulation, through interventions from industrialists and academics working in the fields of metal additive manufacturing and composite materials.

With the participation of :

Dominique GHIGLIONE, Direction de la Recherche et des Programmes, CETIM

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Thermo-mechanical modeling of additive manufacturing
Yancheng ZHANG, Chargé de recherche CEMEF, Mines ParisTech

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Predictive Simulation for microstructure and porosity evaluation in SLM process
Alexandre HIRICOIU, Ingénieur d’application fabrication additive, Ansys

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Aeronautical parts mixing additive manufacturing and welding
Yéli TRAORE, Responsable process, Styx Technologies

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Development of digital tools to the study of the mechanics of composite materials
Nicolas CARRERE, Expert de la mécanique des matériaux composites, Safran

Aeronautical parts mixing additive manufacturing and welding
Johann RANNOU, Ingénieur de recherche, ONERA

HPC, learning and digital physics of composite materials
Luisa SILVA, Directrice de l’Institut de Calcul Intensif, Ecole Centrale de Nantes

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