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TERATEC Forum 2015
Workshop 3 - Wednesday, June 24 from 9:00 to 12:30

Architectures for HPC/HPDA – a few trends and perspectives
Chaired by Pascale BERNIER-BRUNA, ATOS and Jean-Philippe NOMINE, CEA

Exaflops, Big Data… beyond the buzz words, the race for ever more performance is characterized by significant and disruptive changes in computing hardware architectures. To meet the technical challenges involved in ultra-fast computing of massive datasets on an unprecedented scale, all components of the high performance computing systems must be completely overhauled.

This workshop featured various IT industry players, all involved in the design of architectures for intensive processing and intensive data management. From processors to complete systems, including also the interconnection network, they gave their vision, as derived from actual or planned developments in their respective organizations.

Starting from this overview of emerging or promising technologies, you have the opportunity to exchange with the best experts of the main trends in this area. .

On the road to exascale: tackling communication performance
Jean-Pierre PANZIERA, Chief Technology Director for Extreme Computing, ATOS 

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The Future of technologies
Patrick DEMICHEL, Senior Architect in Hyperscale Division Group, HEWLETT PACKARD

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High Performance Computing in our everyday life – from today to tomorrow

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Bridging the power/performance gap to Exascale
Giri CHUKKAPALLI, Technical Director, Server Chip Architecture, BROADCOM


The ARM ecosystem for scientific computing
Geraint NORTH, Architect, High Performance Ecosystem, ARM Ltd

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