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TERATEC 2018 Forum
Workshop 7 - Wednesday, June 20 from 14h00 to 17h30

Deep Learning by doing
Chaired by Marc DURANTON, CEA, Laurent VANEL et Benoit VAUTRIN, IBM

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Deep Learning is currently one of the main reasons of the renew of AI research. You can find a lot of information on the internet on what it is and software to implement it but understanding what to do with it, its benefits for your application or the hurdles to go through when you want to use them is not that readily available.

Rather than presenting once again the technical details of Deep Learning, this Forum Teratec workshop proposed some real case users tell their stories testing or implementing Deep Learning in their companies.

The idea was to, with the speakers’ help, allow attendees wanting to introduce Deep Learning use in their environment to get practical insight on:

• Use cases,
• Capabilities and limits,
• Workload involved and challenges,
• Which technologies worked best for the use-cases and foreseen evolutions.

Following the five contributions, a round table allowed to confront the speakers’ ideas and experiences.

With the participation of :

Fraud detection applied to credit card payment: a puzzle particularly stimulating for data scientists!
Frédéric OBLE, Head of R&D High Processing & Volume division at Worldline by ATOS

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Using generated images to better train Deep Learning models
Pierre NOUBEL, Business Development Manager, OKTAL Synthetic Environment

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Analysis et generation of images based on Deep Learning. Some use cases at Technicolor.
Louis CHEVALLIER, Principal Scientist, TECHNICOLOR

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Players segmentation in football competition for TV: do computer vision and machine learning methods work?
Guillaume VILLETTE, Development manager, DIGITARENA

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Towards recognizing the world's flora
Alexis JOLY, chargé de recherche INRIA, responsable scientifique de la plateforme Pl@ntNet

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Round table with speakers

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