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Workshop 5 - Wednesday, June 28, from 14h00 to 17h30

Algorithms and Deep Learning, new paradigms and challenges?

Today, Moore's law predicts the evolution of computer systems power will come to an end. This assumption is slowly losing its relevance towards new computer technologies, among which High Performance Computing (HPC) that allows an exponential computing ability.

Currently, one of these new emerging technologies major challenges is to enable companies, across all sectors, to cope with the information flood of Big Data. This overgrowth of data requires considerable computing power to collect and analyze this critical asset. This is what High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) stands for.

By bringing together scientists, suppliers and users, this workshop addressed the consequences of HPDA on major analytical models (algorithms & deep learning), but also to define the new challenges, under the light of science and use cases.

With the participation of :

Machine Learning algorithms in a Darwinian perspective
Benoit PELLETIER, Technical Product Owner in BigData / HPC convergence, ATOS

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Automated Embedded Artificial Intelligence
RĂ©mi COLETTA, PHD, Chief Scientist Officer, expert in Machine Learning, TELLMEPLUS

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The emergence of Cognitive Infrastructures for the Digital Age
Guillaume DE SAINT MARC, Sr Director Engineering, Paris Innovation & Research Lab, CISCO

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Constraint Programming, theory and application
Jean-Guillaume FAGES, Constraint-Programming Expert, COSLING

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Deep learning for aerospace applications
Alexandre BOULCH, Chercheur, ONERA

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AI is not just a technology, it's the future!
Laurent DOUCET, Principal, and Cyrille VINCEY, Chief Data Officer, ROLAND BERGER

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