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TERATEC Forum 2013
Workshop 2 - Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 09:00/13:00

Materials Simulation
Chaired by Gilles ZERAH, CEA

The simulation of material properties has been profoundly changed by high performance computing, which lends itself particularly well to the purpose. The field has been transformed by a better grasp of the complexity and useful properties that generally result from interactions between multiple effects on multiple levels, from atomic to macroscopic, and from nanometers to millimeters. It has also been transformed by the very way these interactions are described, particularly on an atomic scale, which is the key to predictive material modeling.

In turn, predictive simulation of material properties has become a prime industrial concern, both in simulating the behavior of systems and in creating new molecules or assemblies "in silico" to meet specific needs.

This workshop was intended to review current engineering practices in two industrial fields for which this type of simulation is particularly relevant: mechanics (Michelin) and chemicals (Unilever).

In addition, simulations performed on the CEA's Tera 100 supercomputer were presented to demonstrate the possibilities of HPC under such extreme conditions.

Finally, the Director of CECAM gave a presentation on the network, which European researchers have spent years building up as a place to constantly compare new ideas and advances. This long history is one of the reasons it is so dynamic.

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CECAM – the Simulation and Modelling of Atoms and Molecules in Europe

Abstract & Biography Click HERE to download presentation

e-Science in Unilever: The Challenges Ahead
Dr Massimo NORO, Strategic Science Group, UNILEVER

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Analyse par dynamique moléculaire des propriétés d’un milieu poreux sous choc
Laurent SOULARD, Ingénieur de recherche, CEA

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