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Workshops - Wednesday June 12

Workshop 8 - 14:00 to 17:30

Autonomous systems

Chaired by Gilles Le Calvez, Directeur de programme, VEDECOM

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As a genuine subject of application, Autonomous systems pertain to many sectors such as the automotive (autonomous cars and public transport, logistics), aeronautics (drones), railways (in which the metro is a precursor) and the naval industry.

While presenting applications with different specifications, each sector can benefit from collaborations on every technological building block needed to carry out its missions (location, perception, understanding and decision-making, connectivity, etc.). This regards methods as well as tools to be implemented from design to commissioning. Some practical examples will be discussed during this workshop:

  • Identification of situations "at risk" where data collection and analysis as much as creation of scenarios can be "played" in simulation or controlled environment in order to test algorithms behavior in such critical situations (eg. MOOVE Project)
  • Localization function as "GPS" or "GPS denied"
  • Data collection and merging
  • " …"

With the participation of :

Gilles Le Calvez, Directeur de programme, VEDECOM

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Robust validation of autonomous vehicles by digital simulation
Eric LANDEL, Expert leader modelisation et simulation numérique, RENAULT

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The vision of a car manufacturer for development and validation of autonomous vehicles
Samia AHIAD, System & Validation Metier Manager, VALEO

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How simulation may enhance AI in naval defense industry?
Damien LAVAL, Scientific computation strategy manager, NAVAL GROUP

The vision of the "techno-provider" on the tools to handle the large volume of data
Luca CASTIGNANI, Autonomous Driving Strategist, MSC SOFTWARE

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Round table with speakers

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