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Workshop 7 - Wednesday, June 29

HPC Technologies & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) infrastructures
Chaired by Jacques DUYSENS, ANSYS Inc.

Many innovations and new generation systems are based on connected things equipped with massive instrumentation and integrated within  Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) infrastructure. This workshop was focused on new HPC software  and infrastructure technologies integrated within these future global smart systems. Important uses of such infrastructures addressed as for example online « digital twin »-based and simulation-driven troublesshooting and predictive maintenance systems as well as online simulation-based optimized controls. These examples illustrated new revolutionary fundamental applications of simulation tools and techniques. Applications from various sectors (automotive, energy, civil engineering, health, defence, ...) were presented.

With the participation of :

Predictive analysis and the digital twin
Bernard DION, Chief Technical Officer, Systems Business Unit, ANSYS

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BIM, IoT and simulation for the buildings and cities of tomorrow
Alain ZARLI, R&D Directorate - European Affairs, CSTB

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Intelligent diabetic socks for foot ulcer prevention using model reduction
Vincent LUBOZ, research Engineer, TEXISENSE

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Agriculture at the crossroads of IIoT and HPC
Marion CARRIER, ingénieur modélisation , CYBELETECH

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Case on predictive maintenance by acoustic data analysis in an industrial environment
Jean-Michel FREY, research engineer, SOGETI HIGH TECH

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The Infrastructure of Petabyte-Scale Scientific Data Archiving
Bradley KING, Chief Architect, SCALITY

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