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TERATEC Forum 2013
Workshop 1 - Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 09:00/13:00

Embedded and Mechatronics Complex Systems: Trends and Challenges

The 2013 edition of this workshop was dedicated to a “technologies, methods & tools state-of-the-art” for complex mechatronics embedded systems design and optimization.

Optimal design of such systems requiring high performance computing capabilities and high level of safety is still a major challenge for 21st century engineers. The applications are numerous and tremendous not only in “traditional sectors” like aeronautics, space, transportation or energy, but also in new technologies like for example “multimedia” and “e-health”.

This workshop addressed the strategic vision of research labs, industrials from the aeronautical sector, but also techno-providers in the hardware field (leading-edge embedded high performance computing technologies) and software (new algorithms paradigms).

This workshop was introduced by Clément FORTIN, President and CEO of CRIAQ (“Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec”) who gave an overview on the development of avionics systems in Canada and presented the successful collaborative research model adopted by the CRIAQ.

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Keynote Talk: Overview on the Development of Avionics Systems in Canada – CRIAQ Collaborative Research Projects Model
Clément FORTIN, CRIAQ (“Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec”), President and CEO

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System Architecture for Safety-Critical High-Performance Systems: Current Approaches and Future Perspectives
Bruno MONSUEZ, ENSTA ParisTech, Director of the Computer and System Engineering Department

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Using Manycore processors in complex embedded systems
Laurent JULIARD, KALRAY SA, Directeur Solutions et Services

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Model Reduction & Real-Time Embedded Simulation
Philippe RAVIER, R&T Director, SILKAN SA ; Jacques DUYSENS, General Manager, SILKAN SA

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From Product Data Management to System Data Management, a mandatory evolution to support mecatronic challenges
Thierry CHEVALIER, Head of Engineering Methods & Tools, architecture & integration, R&T Program Capabilities architect, AIRBUS SA Manager of the Working Group Complex Systems & Integration of the Competitiveness Cluster Aerospace Valley
Panel Session & Concluding Remarks
Chaired by Jacques DUYSENS, SILKAN with the participation of Thierry CHEVALIER, AEROSPACE VALLEY / AIRBUS - Clément FORTIN, CRIAQ - Gérard POIRIER, ASTECH & SYSTEMATIC clusters / DASSAULT AVIATION - Christian SAGUEZ, TERATEC

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This workshop was dedicated dedicated to a “methods & tools state-of-the-art” for complex systems numerical design and optimization. Despite last decade giants strides in hardware and software in terms of performance and simulations accuracy, there are still numerous critical technology challenges for a fully effective and efficient use of virtual design tools & methods by industry and research.

Le workshop a été centré sur le rôle critique de l’optimisation dans le cycle de vie produit. L’accent a également été mis sur la nécessaire mise en place préalablement à toute phase d’optimisation de processus robustes de vérification et de validation des codes et des modèles de simulation utilisés dans les chaînes d’optimisation. Ce workshop a été introduit par le Docteur François HEMEZ (Los Alamos National Laboratory), spécialiste de renommée mondiales dans les méthodes de vérification et de validation.

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This year, the Complex Systems Engineering workshop was dedicated to the crucial role played by optimization technology through the product whole lifecycle. We was also addressed the Verification and Validation technologies and procedures as a preliminary and necessary step. This workshop was introduced by Dr. François HEMEZ (Los Alamos National Laboratory), a world known specialist in Verification & Validation methodologies.



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