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TERATEC Forum 2013
Workshop 5 - Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 14:00/18:00

HPC in Biology and Health
Chaired by François BALLET, MEDICEN and Christian SAGUEZ, TERATEC

Biology and healthcare are beginning to rely more and more heavily on information and communication technologies, including high performance computing. Applications include processing large volumes of data or information (biological (genomic, proteomic) or clinical (medical imaging, epidemiology, etc.)) and simulating complex phenomena (molecular modeling, physiome, disease mechanisms, medication effects, design for nanosystems, biomaterials, artificial organs, surgical robots or robots to assist the disabled, etc.).
All of the activities related to monitoring and assisting patients (smart systems, remote medicine, etc.) also benefit. As you can see, these technologies have applications in all medical needs related to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

After Dr. François Ballet, chairman of the R&D Committee for the MEDICEN competitiveness cluster, gave an introductory presentation reviewing the main current uses of HPC in healthcare, a point was made at two specific fields of application:

  • Integrative biology, particularly in researching and designing new medications,
  • The use of medical imaging and virtual reality techniques

Through these presentations and the ensuing discussions, this workshop organized by TERATEC and MEDICEN aimed to lay a general foundation for future initiatives combining healthcare and HPC.

14h00 High performance computing and simulation in medicine: scope and challenges

Abstract; & Biography Click HERE to download presentation

14h30 The discovery of innovative therapeutic approaches: under the street light is not necessarily the right place to search
Dr. Fran├žois IRIS, Chairman & CSO, BIO-MODELING SYSTEMS

Abstract; & Biography Click HERE to download presentation

15h00 Can HPC help cure Pharma R&D?
By Philippe GUILLET, Chief Geriatrician, SANOFI

Abstract & Biography Click HERE to download presentation

Coffee break - Exibition - Networking - Grand Halll
16h00 Le cerveau de cristal - Ce que nous révèle la neuroimagerie

Abstract & Biography Click HERE to download presentation

16h30 Simulation & High performance computing: The challenge of computer-assisted surgery
By Luc SOLER, R&D Director of IRCAD, R&D Director of IHU Strasbourg

Abstract & Biography Click HERE to download presentation

This workshop is organized in partnership with the cluster for innovative therapies and advanced technologies in healthcare


Participation to this workshop is free (subject to seats available). On line registration is required. To register click HERE !







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