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Workshop 2 - Wednesday, June 28 from 9h00 to 12h30

Health - Perspectives for Personalized Medicine in 2025
Chaired by Claude CAMOZZI and Gérard ROUCAIROL, TERATEC


The explosion in the quantity and diversity of digitised medical data available for each patient and the growth in accessible computing power have combined to create new conditions for introducing novel ways of using high-performance computing. These should help bring about more accurate, faster, safer and more predictive medical care.

Some examples of ongoing research have been examined and have contributed toto illustrate how simulation, the design of new molecules, therapeutic decision-making aids, and treatment in large numbers and so on, lead to the effective introduction of certain practices of this more personalised medicine that everyone wishes to see for the well-being of every patient.

Human genetic challenges at the NGS era
Christophe BEROUD, PU-PH dans le laboratoire de Génétique Moléculaire à l'APHM. Directeur de l'équipe de recherche "Génétique et Bioinformatique" de l'INSERM UMR_S 910

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Towards real time simulations of the rationale behind clinical decisions in surgery
Stéphane AVRIL, Mines Saint-Etienne, Director of the Center for Biomedical and healthcare Engineering - CIS, Deputy Director of INSERM U1059 – SAINBIOSE

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Clinical applications using patient specific simulation
Michel ROCHETTE, Director of Research, ANSYS France SAS

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Computational challenges and modelistion in epidemiology of infectious diseases
Lulla OPATOWSKI, Assistant professor in Mathematical Epidemiology at the University of Versailles Saint Quentin (UVSQ), Biomathematics biostatistics pharmacopepidemiology-and-infectious-diseases_Unit-UMR 1181 Inserm/ Institut Pasteur & UVSQ

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From molecular modeling to personalized medicine
Vincent ZOETE, Molecular Modeling Group – SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Computer-Aided Molecular Engineering Group – Département d’Oncologie Fondamentale – Université de Lausanne

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Simulating bio-mimetic polymers
Dr. Michel MASELLA, CEA – Centre de Saclay, Direction de la Recherche Fondamentale, Laboratoire de Biologie Structurale et de Radiobiologie

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