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Forum TERATEC 2014
Atelier 7 - Mercredi 2 juillet de 14h00 à 17h30
HPC et Santé : De la recherche thérapeutique à la médecine personnalisée

Simulations for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Director Research & Development, COVIDIEN Surgical Solutions

Abstract : In the USA only, over 2 million abdominal wall mid-line incisions are performed each for benign conditions alone. From 9% up to 28% of patients undergoing laparotomies develop incisional hernias. Recurrence rate ranges from 24% to 43% even with the use of mesh. Total cost to treat ventral hernia in the US for 2006 has been assessed to US $3.2 billion (B. K. Poulose, 2011).
However, up to now, innovation for AW repairs has mainly focused on the biological compatibility of implants and their ease of use for surgeons.
Covidien has initiated a foundational research program in abdominal wall reconstruction biomechanics that combines experimental and numerical approaches. Our goal is to better understand the underlying biomechanical phenomena that drive treatment performance and ultimately to provide health care professionals with cost-effective patient-customized optimal solutions.  This talk focuses on some preliminary results regarding the inluence of hernia defect size, mesh overlap and fixation distribution.

Biography : Frédéric TURQUIER
Frederic Turquier, R&D Director, joined Covidien in May 2008 and has lead over the last 4 years research in biomechanics for the Surgical Devices global business unit. Before joining Covidien, Frederic Turquier held increasing responsability R&D positions in the Medical Device industry. He worked in joint replacement and tissue engineering for companies in France and in the UK that ranged from start-up “Bioprofile” to major global leader Johnson&Johnson Depuy. He graduated in 1990 from the French engineering school Ecole Supérieur d’Ingénieur de Marseille and earned a PhD in Biomechanics from the Arts et Métiers ParisTech in 1997;

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