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Thursday, May 30th

Workshop 07 - 09:00 am to 12:30 am

Natural and technological risks
Chaired by Laurent Boisnard (Sous-Directeur Missions et Données d’Observation de la Terre & Applications, CNES) and Gilles Grandjean (Directeur de programme, BRGM)

After a 2023 workshop devoted to high-performance computing for the Earth, climate and environmental sciences, this year CNES and its partner BRGM will be focusing on the prevention and management of natural and technological risks.

HPC computing infrastructures, supported by artificial intelligence techniques for information extraction, modeling and decision support, are now widely used in research into the prevention of natural hazards and their cascading consequences on territories, populations and economic activity. In addition to natural hazards, there are also technological hazards, and all types of catastrophic events likely to occur where these two families of hazards meet. These are known as “natech” risks.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to take a look at a number of projects that illustrate the work currently being carried out in this field, the system approaches adopted and the technologies implemented. As in previous years, the projects will range in maturity from academic research to pre-operational demonstration. The contribution of spatial data will be highlighted when envisaged, tested or demonstrated. Impact scenario platforms, decision-support tools, large-scale simulation codes, numerical modelling of natural hazards and extreme events (and clustering of interacting extreme events), modelling of flows in urban environments are just a few examples of topics covered in connection with coastal flooding/submergence, monitoring volcanic activity, effects of eruptions in the upper atmosphere, forest or industrial fires, dispersion of pollutants, radiological emergencies. Prospects for collaboration between public and industrial players will be highlighted..

With the participation of :

09h00 - 10h30

Introduction by Laurent Boisnard, Sous-Directeur Missions et Données d’Observation de la Terre & Applications, CNES

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Gilles Grandjean, Directeur de programme , BRGM
Decision support, presentation of the impact scenario platform (cascading phenomena) developed as part of the PEPR IRIMA project.

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Yann Richet, Scientific advisor, et Irène Korsakissok, Researcher in atmospheric science, IRSN
Clustering methods for decision-making: application to flood risks and radiological emergencies

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Mélanie Rochoux, Chercheuse géophysicienne, CERFACS
Accounting for uncertainties in air pollutant dispersion predictions in urban areas

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10h30 - 11h00

Coffee break - Exhibition visit - Networking

11h00 - 12h30

Simon Lamy, VP public sector et Aurélien de Truchis, Tech Lead vegetation & IA, Kayrros
Monitoring the fire risk of 5 million buildings using AI applied to satellite imagery

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Marie Boichu, Chargée de recherche, CNRS/LOA
The Volcano Space Observatory : an interdisciplinary web portal for the monitoring of volcanic activity and atmospheric hazards

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