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Teratec Digital Forum 2020
Wednesday October 14, 2020

Workshop 06 - 11:00 to 12:30

AI in scientific computing : accelerating innovation in industrial and academic domain
Chaired by Eric Petit, Research engineer, HPC application specialist, Intel and Michaël Krajecki, Agence de l’Innovation de Défense (AID)

AI and big data have revolutionized automatic translation, search engine, targeted advertising, smart devices, autonomous driving… This domain of incredible growth is coming with its own software tools and hardware requirements fitting the current scientific and business opportunities. On the other hand, traditional HPC and numerical simulation has a long problem-solving history, with legacy code, know-how, and process normalization. After early pioneer work, a clear trend is now established to converge classical numerical computing and AI in many fields exclusively relying on physics modeling and numerical methods.

In this workshop, after a presentation of a representative successful AI recommendation product in the streaming business, we propose to explore new usage of big data and AI in various field of numerical simulation, security, visualization, and scientific computing application and the opening for new opportunities in academic and industrial domains including quantum and neuromorphic technologies.

With the participation of :

Eric Petit, Research engineer, HPC application specialist, Intel and Michaël Krajecki, Agence de l’Innovation de Défense (AID)


Which AI for Defense Industry?
David Sadek, VP Research, Technology & Innovation, Artificial Intelligence & Data Processing, Thales

Abstract & Bio

Deep Learning for Modeling Physical Processes
Patrick Gallinari, Sorbonne Universite and Criteo AI Lab.

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Abstract & Bio

The manufacture of recommended algorithms: a human adventure
Thomas Bouabca, Director of Datascience, Deezer

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Abstract & Bio

Quantum algorithm for ML
Iordanis Kerenidis, scientific referee for the French government for Quantum technologies, CNRS

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Neuromorphic Engineering for Cyber Security
Mathilda Rhodes, cyber security and AI researcher, Airbus

Abstract & Bio

How Deep Learning became the tool of choice for human level AI in radiology
Yaroslav Nikulin, Senior Research Scientist, Therapixel

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