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Teratec Digital Forum 2020
Tuesday October 13, 2020

Workshop 03 - 16:00 to 17:30

Quantum computing: What's new in QuBits?
Chaired by Philippe Duluc, Chief Technology Officer, Atos

Many quantum computer technologies have been explored and demonstrated over the last two decades, but the last few years have seen an acceleration in the announcement of platforms and in the emergence of new players. This workshop will present some of the most interesting recent evolutions carried by a wide range of players, from start-ups to global companies. Our speakers will share their insights and achievements on Rydberg-atom qubits, Google’s quantum supremacy, photonic qubits, spin qubits and topological qubits. The workshop will start with an update on the French National Quantum Plan.

With the participation of:

Philippe Duluc. Chief Technology Officer, Atos


National Quantum
Iordanis Kerenidis, Research Director, CNRS


First scaling quantum processors and their applications
Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO, Pasqal

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Abstract & Biography

Quantum Computing at Google : supremacy and beyond
Kevin Kissell, Technical Director for HPC and Quantum Computing, Google Cloud

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Abstract & Biography

Toward an optical Quantum computing platform based on semiconducting technologies
Valérian Giesz, CEO, Quandela

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Abstract & Biography

Si based quantum computing : challenges and opportunities
François Perruchot, Quantum Computing Strategic Marketing, CEA-Leti

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Topological Qubits – principles and advantages
Vivien Londe, Quantum Software Engineer, Microsoft

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Teratec Forum 2019 - Quantum computing : which applications will benefit ?
Chaired by Cyril Allouche, Atos and Henri Calandra, Total

Introduction – Quantum computing challenges
Cyril ALLOUCHE, Fellow, Head of the Atos Quantum R&D Program, Atos

Quantum algorithms for Machine Learning and Optimization
Iordanis KERENIDIS, Directeur de recherche, CNRS

Questions and introduction to second part of workshop
Practical talks: Work-In-Progress and feedback on first experiments

Hamiltonian simulation applied to the wave equation
Adrien SUAU, Research Engineer, CERFACS

Function Maximization with Dynamic Quantum Search
Charles MOUSSA, Mathematical Engineer/ Data Scientist/ Quantum Computing Scientist, Total

Turning analog quantum computation into hybrid shallow digital quantum computation
Simon MARTIEL, Senior Expert, Atos Quantum Lab

Quantum Computing with superconducting qubits: Applications in Chemistry
Ivano TAVERNELLI, IBM Global leader for advanced algorithms for quantum simulations, IBM Research (Zurich)

Wrap-up and conclusion
Henri CALANDRA, Expert in numerical methods and High Performance Computing for Geoscience, Total

Teratec Forum 2018 - Quantum revolution is here
Chaired by Guillaume Colin de Verdiere, CEA

Quantum Computing: Moving Out of the Lab and Into the Real World
Bob SORENSEN, Vice President of Research and Technology and Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing, HYPERION RESEARCH

Atos QLM, a future-proof approach to quantum computing
Christelle PIECHURSKI et Thomas AYRAL, ATOS

Quantum computing with superconducting qubits – Towards useful applications
Stefan FILIPP, Technical Leader Quantum Computing, IBM Research Zurich

Leading the evolution of compute: Quantum Computinge
Anne MATSUURA, Director of Quantum Applications and Architecture, INTEL Labs

Scalable Quantum Computing approach at Microsoft
Bernard OURGHANLIAN, Chief Technology & Security Officer, MICROSOFT France

Quantum Computing at Google
Kevin KISSELL, Cloud technical director, GOOGLE

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