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Tuesday October 13, 2020

Workshop 3 - 16:00 to 17:30
Quantum computing: What's new in QuBits?
Chaired by Philippe Duluc, Chief Technology Officer, Atos

Natural disasters, satellite data and AI: the case of flood risk management
By Valérian Giesz, CEO, Quandela

© Quandela 2020

© Quandela 2020

Among the technological platforms considered to build so-called intermediate and noisy computing units (NISQ - Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum), the photonic platform is one of the most promising and is extremely well positioned. The threshold of twenty qubits has recently been crossed. Among its strengths, photonics is one of the rare platforms to be able to scale up.

Quandela is a start-up from the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Université Paris-Saclay). Quandela is developing a digital NISQ quantum calculation platform based on semiconductors. The challenges for the realization of such a platform lie in particular in the efficient emission of good quality photonic qubits and the manufacture of low loss and reconfigurable photonic circuits.

Quandela exploits a technology that allows the fabrication of miniature photonic qubit emitters with record efficiencies, which accelerate calculation times by orders of magnitude of several millions. Quandela is working now to create a complete platform combining these emitters and reconfigurable photonic circuits.

In this presentation, we will take stock of the advances in optical quantum computing and detail the strengths of Quandela in the development of such a platform.

Biography : Graduated from the Institut d’Optique, Valérian did his PhD in the group of Prof. Pascale Senellart at the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology where he participated to the development of single-photon sources.
In 2017, he cofounded the startup Quandela with Niccolo Somaschi and Pascale Senellart.
In 2018, Quandela received the Grand Prize i-Lab with a substantial financial help for the development of Quandela. Valérian also received the first prize of the national contest “Docteur-entrepreneur” in 2018 .

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