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TERATEC 2020 Forum
Tuesday October 13, 2020

Workshop 3 - 16:00 to 17:30
Quantum computing: What's new in QuBits?
Chaired by Philippe Duluc, Chief Technology Officer, Atos

Quantum Computing at Google: Supremacy and Beyond
By Kevin Kissell, Technical Director for HPC and Quantum Computing, Google Cloud

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Kevin Kissell will present the design of the Sycamore quantum processor, which allowed the Google AI Quantum team to achieve « quantum supremacy » in 2019, and provide an overview of the TensorFlow Quantum framework for hybrid classical/quantum machine learning.

The Sycamore processor built on the lessons learned in the Foxtail and Bristlecone superconducting quantum processors to enable simultaneous operation of 53 qubits at a fidelity necessary for the quantum supremacy experiment.

TensorFlow Quantum builds on Google’s experience with TensorFlow for machine learning, and the Cirq quantum computing framework, to enable rapid prototyping of hybrid ML models.

Biography : Before joining Google Cloud CTO’s office, Kevin was by turns both a senior staff hardware engineer and software engineer at Google, developing interconnect architectures and accelerator virtualization schemes. Prior to Google, his work ranged from supercomputers to smart cards: Architecture and software for decoupled access/execute supercomputers (ACRI), massively parallel distributed memory computers (nCUBE), large-scale shared-memory supercomputers (Evans & Sutherland), and, at the opposite extreme, secure chip card architecture and multi-threaded I/O processing cores at MIPS Technologies. He holds several dozen patents in computer architecture and a degree in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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