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Workshop 1 - Wednesday, June 20 from 9h00 to 12h30

Chaired by Marie-Christine SAWLEY, INTEL and Jacques DUYSENS, ANSYS

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Regularly quoted since 2016 by Gartner Group among the 10 most strategic technologies, the "Digital Twin" concept is rapidly spreading. At the crossroads between real, theoretical and virtual contexts, industrial prototype develops from what we have known for 30 years towards a major component of the production cycle, maintenance and product continuous improvement. Boosted by growing data feedback capabilities from the field, the digital twin relies on simulation models as well as the learning machine through empirical models and virtual reality. Preventive maintenance is positioned in parallel, with key objective to guarantee proper operation of installations or connected objects, and foresee breakdowns or even replacement of defective parts.

This session was an opportunity to learn about concrete cases deployed in such varied fields as aeronautics, urban planning or, oil exploration for instance and their experiential feedbacks. We have also found how learning help to make optimal use of data, as to how restriction and validation impacts effectiveness of the model.

With the participation of :

Machine learning for Advanced Gas Trubine Injection Systems to Enhance Combustor pERformance (MAGISTER)

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Augmenting a viable digital twin strategy with simulation.
Tobias KNOSTMANN, Business Development, CADFEM GmbHh

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The use of Physics Based Predictive Analytics in Digital Twins
Frode HALVORSEN, Vice President Technology, EDR MEDESOs

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Hybrid TwinTM - A new paradigm for the industry and society4.0 : Enriching technology and humans
Prof. Dr. Francisco (Paco) CHINESTA, ESI Group Chair @ ENSAM ParisTech & ESI Group Scientific Departmente

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Open-Data and HPC at the Core of Mobility in Smart Cities
François BODIN, Professeur, IRISA de Rennes

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Optimizing Change Impact Analysis with a Digital Thread across complex multi-physics designs and operations
Charles-Henry JURD, European IoT Technical Leader, IBM Internet of Things

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