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TERATEC Forum 2011
Workshop 5
Visualization: Simulation & Performance

A year ago, we held a workshop on the new paradigms of scientific visualization. A year ago, we brought international experts to share with us their views and experience of these paradigms, such as: high performance resources, collaborative working or visualization as a decision making tool.

The scale of visualization functionalities is as wide as deep. Up until recently, only command lines would allow the processing of the simulation data. Yet, in only one year, a fair share of visualization users have gone from just an endorsed concept to a reality.

What are the daily benefits of visualization ? What are the real solutions to make the most of your infrastructures ? In which applicative cases are these solutions critical ? Which results are users entitled to expect ? This new Visualization workshop for the 2011 Ter@tec Forum will be specifically focusing on performance. Performance in hardware, perfomance relative to software tools efficiency, performance as far as team work is concerned, and lastly  performance of the visualization accesses.

Chairman : Alban SCHMUTZ, OXALYA

High Performance Visualization : Scaling Rendering and Perception
Dr Nicholas POLYS, VIRGINIA TECH Director of Visual Computing

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The DIGISCOPE Equipex Project : Interactive and Collaborative Visualization Infrastructures for Complex Data

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VisuPortal : Interactive Visualization for Efficient Simulation
Benoit VAUTRIN, OXALYA Chief Operating Officer

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15h30 Coffee break – Exhibition - Networking - Grand Hall

Virtual and Hybrid prototypes in engineering applications
Uwe WOESSNER, chef du département "visualisation and virtual reality" du HLRS (centre de Calcul de Stuttgart).


Collaborative 3D Visualization : State-of-the-Art and future trends
Pr Ian GRIMSTEAD, CARDIFF UNIVERSITY Senior Research fellow and associate - Kristian SONS, DFKI Research Ingeneer - Christophe MOUTON, EDF R&D Research Ingeneer

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Collaviz : Collaborative Framework for Remote Pre and Post-Processing

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17h30 Conclusion


To rediscover the Workshop "The New Paradigms of Scientific Visualization" presented to the Forum TERATEC 2010

The workshop present existing technologies and future high performance solutions. Major challenges still need to be taken up. They be addressed during half a day of exchanges, combining market solutions, experience sharing and collaborative R&D projects presentations.

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