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Tellmeplus SA
Predictive Objects

7 rue des Pommerots
78400 CHATOU

51 impasse des églantiers
34980 St Clément de Rivière


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Marketing & Communication Manager
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Tellmeplus is a prescriptive analytics platform editor. Predictive Objects, the company's patented technology, leverages Big Data and artificial intelligence to automate the creation and deployment of predictive models in a click. Our goal? Enable organisations to benefit from the complexity and volume of heterogeneous sensor data and give more value to their experts. The Meta Active Machine Learning consists in entrusting Artificial Intelligence with the task of selecting, configuring and testing a database of algorithms in order to answer a business question. Beyond the prediction of events, Predictive Objects also prescribes the action plan to be implemented in natural language, using appropriate terminology for immediate action. 

Once the predictive model is set, Predictive Objects can be deployed & run anywhere: on premise, in private or public clouds, in IIoT platforms, at the edge of the network or event inside connected objects - bringing the decision model to the object and to the data. Decisions are hence taken locally without network connection, by detection at the source of weak signals produced by sensors (Automated Embedded Artificial Intelligence).

Tellmeplus’ R&D team includes several Doctors in Computer Science and alumni Research engineers from INRIA and CNRS. We then have a strong academic background in automatic, symbolic and deep learning methods.

The company also acquired a strong practical expertise through a variety of “Predictive analytics” use cases around:

  •  Industrial Internet and M2M: predictive maintenance, quality of industrial processes, facility management for any type of manufacturing sector.

  • Customer Intelligence: predictions around customer churn, risk prevention and moments of life. We have a strong focus on Banking, Telco and Insurance sectors.

These use cases allowed Tellmeplus to assess Predictive Objects in a HPDA environment (Velocity, Volume, Variety). We then have built up a database of anonymized data sets on which we’re able to benchmarks and regularly trains our algorithms. Teratec members can leverage and benefit from Tellmeplus' unique combination of pragmatic / theoretical knowledge of automatic learning and real data sets gained from our experience in the industrial field.

Tellmeplus and Teratec

The convergence between the increase in data volumes and the power of analytical techniques offered by artificial intelligence imposes today iterative or even stochastic processing methods. These often parallelizable methods require high-availability computing power. As a specialist in predictive and prescriptive analysis since 2011, Tellmeplus now relies on distributed infrastructures to offer its customers applications focused on business solutions. Our natural interest in porting these applications to HPC / HPDA architectures is guided by the need for high responsiveness of our customers.

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