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Teratec Digital Forum 2020
October 13, 2020
Digital Simulation
and AI Awards

The Digital Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Trophies reveal the champions of the year, and reward the most innovative projects.

They are led by Julien Bergounhoux, Editor-in-Chief of L’Usine Digitale

Start-up Award

Given to a company set up less than 5 years ago that has really distinguished itself by innovation in artificial intelligence (AI), intensive computing, numerical simulation, or Big Data.

The nominees are: : Cortexia, Numalis and Sarus Technologies

The winner is: Numalis for its tools ensuring the reliability of AI systems.

SME Award

Given to an SME (less than 250 employees, revenue under 50 million euros) user that has effectively implemented numerical-computing technology (AI, simulation, data analysis, big data) and changed how it develops, produces, and maintains new products and services, or anticipates their complete life cycle.

The nominees are: : Agenium Scale, Savoie Transmissions and Tweag

The winner is: Tweag for its system modeling tools in biology.

Innovation Award

Given to an innovative product, piece of technology or service in the field of AI, numerical simulation or data analysis developed by a technology company.

The nominees are: Cosmo Tech & Renault, Eramet, Numalis and Tweag

The winners are: Cosmo Tech & Renault for their comprehensive modeling of an aircraft engine.

Co-design Award

Given to a pair or group – bringing together a big company, SME, laboratory, start-up, etc. – that has collaborated on a AI and/or numerical computing and/or big data project, whether at the development or implementation stage.

The nominees are: Cerfacs & Akira & Safran, Cosmo Tech & Renault and Sitowie.

The winners are : CERFACS & AKIRA & Safran for their corporate digital-twin solution.

Covid-19 Award

Attributed to a product, technology or service developed by a technology company, which provides a solution in the management or exit from the health crisis of COVID-19 in the field of artificial intelligence, digital simulation or the 'data analysis.

The nominees are: Dassault Systemes, ESI Group and Octo Telematics

Two tied projects for their tools dedicated to the analysis of the propagation of particles contaminated by COVID 19: Dassault Systemes and ESI Group

Public Grand Prix

Given to one nominee in any category by vote of L'Usine Digitale readers on usine-digitale.fr

The winner is: Cortexia for its solution for managing urban cleanliness by AI.

Digital Simulation and AI Trophies are co-organized by Teratec and L’Usine Digitale
in partnership with:

Information Trophies: Anne Poivet - +33 (0) 1 77 92 92 02 - Email

Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2019

Digital Simulation Awards 2019
June 13, 2019 - Teratec Forum 2019

  • Grand prix du Public: ESI GROUP
  • Start-up Award: Ambiciti
  • Trophée PME :Mokili
  • Trophée Innovation :ESI Group
  • Trophée Co-Design :Ingeliance Technologies / Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann

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Partenaires des Trophées de la Simulation numérique 2019 :

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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2018

Digital Simulation Awards 2018
June 19, 2018 - Teratec Forum 2018

  • Grand prix du Public : MECASTYLE
  • Start-up Award : URBAN & YOU
  • SME Award : MASA GROUP
  • Innovation Award : SOPRA STERIA GROUP
  • Collaboration Award : SAFRAN TECH and its partners INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest, CORIA UMR6614 CNRS Université de Rouen et INSA Rouen

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Partners of the 2018 Digital Simulation Awards

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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2017

Digital Simulation Awards 2017
June 27, 2017 - Teratec Forum 2017

  • Grand prix 2017 : DIOTA
  • Start-up Award : STRAINS
  • SME Award : COSMO TECH
  • Innovation Award : QUANTMETRY
  • Collaboration Award : TRANSVALOR

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Partners of the 2017 Digital Simulation Awards :

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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2016

Digital Simulation Awards 2016
June 28, 2016 - Teratec Forum 2016

  • Personnalité 2016, Jean GONNORD, ex-responsable du programme simulation numérique du CEA "
  • Grand prix 2016 : DIOTA
  • Start-up Award : REALIZ3D
  • SME Award : NEXIO
  • Innovation Award : NUMTECH
  • Collaboration Award : ONERA et ANDHEO

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Partners of the 2016 Digital Simulation Awards :

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Video of the Digital Simulation Trophies ceremony 2015

Digital Simulation Awards 2015
June 23, 2015 - Teratec Forum 2015

  • Grand prix 2015 : DISTENE
  • Start-up Award : CYBELETECH
  • Innovation Award : HYDROCEAN
  • Collaboration Award : CERFACS et TURBOMECA

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Partners of the 2015 Digital Simulation Awards :

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