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Wednesday October 14, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 04 - 14:00 to 15:30

Cloud Computing & HPC: A powerful combination driving innovative use cases
Chaired by Philippe Bricard, president, UCit

Rescale, a PaaS for simulation in the cloud
By Guillaume Trainar, Sales for Southern Europe, Rescale and Philippe Peron, IT Leader, emotors

Rescale connects compute-intensive software to cloud-based high-performance computing resources worldwide, enabling engineers and scientists to solve the toughest problems in the shortest amount of time possible. Simulation usage has been consistently growing to drive innovation over the last past few years. In order to accelerate the adoption of Cloud-based HPC resources Rescale works with the end users to provide a seamless control-plane to leverage the benefits from the cloud in a few clicks.

The presentation will reflect on platform vs. on-prem scheduler approaches to HPC in the cloud and will compare the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. Key decision topics such as migration, multi-cloud support, performance, access to applications, licensing, hardware diversity, administration and architecture recommendation.

Philippe Peron will go through the benefits of using a turnkey platform to accelerate the development cycle of new electric powertrains.

Biography: Guillaume Trainar runs Sales for Southern Europe at Rescale. He is helping the industry leaders to accelerate their innovation by leveraging cloud technologies.
Biography: Philippe Peron is IT Leader at emotors, in charge of solutions on the R&D perimeters (HPC, PLM, EE design) and SG&A (ERP). My goal: to deploy solutions at the lowest cost.

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