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Wednesday May 31

Workshop 04 - 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm

HPC for the Earth Sciences, climate and environment climate and environment
Chaired by Laurent Boisnard, Sous-Directeur Missions et Données d’Observation de la Terre & Applications, CNES and Pierre Hoffer, Directeur Presales AI, HPC Storage & Data Solution EMEA, HPE

After a 2022 workshop devoted to the economy of Earth Observation data in a new format bringing together the actors of the Space Data Marketplace project, CNES proposes this year, with its partner HPE, a return to the roots of high performance computing applied to Earth, climate and environmental sciences.  

Climate modelling on a local or global scale, benchmark simulation campaigns feeding IPCC reports, processing of Earth observation satellite data flows (implementation of complex algorithms on large volumes of data), enhancement of these data within the National Research Infrastructure of the Terre Data Terra system, near real-time generation of synthesis products feeding the European Copernicus services (continental surfaces, atmosphere, oceans), assimilation of data from the Earth Observation System, and the use of the data for the development of the European Space Agency, atmosphere, oceans), massive assimilation of multi-source data in a digital twin approach (parametric scenarios, retrospective replay), democratisation of virtual laboratory type services (VRE) open to the scientific community (code or model testing, cross-processing), HPC type computing infrastructures are now widely used to support and downstream satellite systems deployed in orbit. And on a wide range of use cases meeting the needs expressed by operational agencies or public or industrial research laboratories.   

All the metrics observed are on the rise and the trend is irreversible, implying the emergence of new technologies (graphic computers, dedicated learning processors), optimised architectures and interoperability requirements for distributed processing and the implementation of overflow capabilities.  

The workshop provide an opportunity to review some of the most cutting-edge HPC projects in the field of Earth sciences: preparatory work for the digital twin of the oceans (DTO), precise measurement of large-scale deformations of the Earth's surface by radar interferometry, simulation of flooding phenomena as part of the Space Climate Observatory, impact of climate change on Alpine ecosystems, etc., but also to discuss the positioning of the HPC industry with regard to the European Commission's Destination Earth programme and the question of controlling and reducing the carbon footprint induced by this massive and unavoidable recourse to intensive computing. A young company integrating HPC solutions share its experience in contact with the meteorology, climate and Earth science communities.

With the participation of:

  • Quentin Gaudel, R&D software engineer and System Architect, Mercator Ocean International
    Building the European Digital Twin Ocean

    Download the presentation >>>>

  • Raquel Rodriguez Suquet (Specialist in radar engineering and earth observation applications, CNES), Sophie Ricci (Directrice de Recherche, CERFACS) et Thanh Huy Nguyen (Research Engineer, CERFACS)
    SCO FloodDAM : Towards a Digital Twin for flood detection, prediction and flood risk assessment 

    Download the presentation >>>>

  • Philippe Durand (CNES) et Raphael Grandin (IPGP - Institut de Physique du Globe) 
    FLATSIM :  le radar au service de la mesure précise de la déformation continentale 

    Download the presentation >>>>

  • Christopher Haine, Research Scientist du EMEA HPE HPC/AI Research Lab
    HPC challenges of Climate Adaptation Digital Twins

  • Thierry Porcher, CTO, Do It Now
    Technologies de containers appliquées au calcul intensif pour les Sciences de la Terre.

    Download the presentation >>>>

  • Gilles Tourpe, Business Development Manager HPC, AWS and Faïza Boulahya, academic researcher, BRGM and Thomas Noël, Data Engineer, The Climate Data Factory
    The use of the cloud and computing power for ephemeral and polymorphic needs, allowing for a significant reduction in time.

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