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Wednesday October 14, 2020 - Workshops

Workshop 04 - 14:00 to 15:30

Cloud Computing & HPC: A powerful combination driving innovative use cases
Chaired by Philippe Bricard, president, UCit

The 4R golden rules for HPC in the Cloud: Right resources, Right Time, Right Size, Right Price
By Gilles Tourpe, Business Development Manager HPC
and Guillaume Martinat, Lead aerodynamics engineer, Flying Whales

The Cloud has changed, often fundamentally, the way businesses work. For some, without Cloud, there is no raison d'ĂȘtre, nor the possibility of operating in a sustainable manner. With the Cloud, The HPC, a stronghold that has been preserved for many years, sees its lines shift. The technical solutions, imagined to solve the most complex problems (prerogative of HPC in its traditional definitions!) Are now deployed on large scales on Cloud infrastructures. No Deep Learning without HPC infrastructure! No Deep Learning without GPU or parallel file system! No GPU without HPC! On the other hand, to be able to bring a lasting and evolving solution, and which will allow to democratize the use of numerical simulation, many dogmas must be revisited and shaken! In 2018, AWS announced the development of a low-latency, high-bandwidth network interface. The goal was not to create new technology, but rather to provide a mechanism that could be scaled up in AWS regions, and serve many simple use cases. The goal is to allow each user to have a cluster at their disposal!

All the services deployed and developed by AWS aim towards this objective: to provide answers to the needs of its customers. For real uses. Scalable and efficient while still economical and sustainable.

Guillaume Martinat, Lead aerodynamics engineer at FLYING WHALES, will testify to the importance of this approach, and how this is beng used to design of a new aircraft.

Biography: Gilles Tourpe work at AWS since 2019 and is in charge of developing the HPC Market for Southern Europe. He has worked at Platform Computing, IBM and ANEO on HPC, Cloud and AI. Gilles is a genuine enthusiast and a pragmatic technologist.
Biography: Guillaume Martinat is the lead aerodynamics engineer at Flying Whales. He holds a Phd in Fluid Dynamics and joined Flying Whales in 2016 to work on the design of the Flying Whales.

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