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Centre d’affaires, Bâtiment C
5/10 Rue de la Renaissance
92184 Antony cedex

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Francois WEILER
Business Development Manager
Phone : +33 (0)4 72 09 67 70

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BDV Manager - Enterprise Computing


Altair empowers client innovation and decision-making through technology that optimizes the analysis, management and visualization of business and engineering information.

Privately held with more than 1,400 employees, Altair has offices throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. With a 25-year-plus track record for high-end software for engineering and computing, enterprise analytics solutions, and innovative product design and development, Altair has more than 3,000 corporate clients representing the automotive, aerospace, government and defense, and consumer products verticals.

Altair also has a growing client presence in the life sciences, financial services and energy markets.

To learn more, please visit www.altair.com.


PBS Works, a division of Altair Engineering, is a suite of on-demand grid computing technologies that allows enterprises to maximize ROI on computing infrastructure assets. PBS Works is the most widely implemented software environment for grid-, cloud-, cluster- and on-demand computing worldwide.

The suite's flagship product, PBS Professional', provides a flexible, on-demand computing environment that allows enterprises to easily share diverse (heterogeneous) computing resources across geographic boundaries. Leveraging a revolutionary "pay-for-use" unit-based business model, PBS Works delivers increased value and flexibility over other software licensing models.

We can help TERATEC diffuse HPC technology by providing not only technology and solution but also share experience with other members and actively participate to develop custom solutions.

Our 5 strategic pillars include:

Easy to Use – Making your computing infrastructure simple. We believe engineers should focus on engineering, not on computer science.

Do More with Less – Lets you run the right job at the right time, as quickly as possible, resulting in zero waste (optimizing use of hardware, software, energy and time).

Keep Track and Plan – Enabling you to keep track and plan use and growth of your computing infrastructure, as well as plan infrastructure growth based on usage data.

Open Architecture  – Connects with any third party middleware or application, as we want to ensure you can always use "best-in-class" technology.

Hard to Break  –  Reducing risk and ensuring business continuity. Our software runs everywhere and has bullet-proof reliability.

Altair is also well-known for its HyperWorks suite of CAE applications used widely in the manufacturing sector for simulating and optimizing mechanical designs.

HyperWorks accomplishes this in two significant ways:

  • A flexible software licensing model that replaces expensive traditional licensing plans with a pay-per-use system. Employees across organizational and geographic boundaries will be able to access simultaneously not only the HyperWorks suite, but also a broad range of complementary third-party programs and other Altair products at no extra cost.
  • Simulation-driven design technologies that enables achievement of performance, timing, and cost targets through rapid, low-cost, virtual exploration that accelerates informed decision making throughout the product life cycle.

PBS Works provides customers new capabilities to streamline workload management, allowing easy creation of intelligent policies for managing distributed, mixed-vendor computing assets, including applications, as a single unified system.

The new version of PBS Professional', the foundation for PBS Works, offers customers a next-generation backfill scheduling system with the ability to accurately predict job start times. PBS Analytics introduces a new standalone resource utilization data analysis and visualization module, License Analytics. License Analytics can be deployed within any IT environment and is an easy-to-use solution that supports data-driven planning and decision-making. Together, the enhancements allow customers to maximize information technology (IT) investments by enabling more accurate forecasting and capacity planning decisions.

PBS Works is now available from Altair and its channel partners.

Visit www.pbsworks.com to learn how PBS Works makes high-performance computing faster, smarter and more productive.

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