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Wednesday, June 15 - Technical Workshop

Workshop 08 - 2:00 to 5:30 pm

High performance AI in the industry
Chaired by Cristel Saudemont, France Director, Supercomputing & AI , Higher Education and Research and Frédéric Parienté, senior manager in the solutions architecture and engineering group, Nvidia

Simulation, HPC and AI to Accelerate the Electrification of Powertrains
By Vincent Leconte, Senior Director of Business Development, Electromechanical Solutions, Altair

With the electrification of transportation, the design of electric machines is gaining momentum, with strong pressure to bring solutions to market quickly. Depending on the application, different topologies can be used and their integration into the drive train must be quickly evaluated. Thus, motor designers have to find out in a short period of time which structure will best meet the specifications. Simulation, combined with HPC and AI, allows to increase the knowledge of the design space by including different multiphysics constraints, and to select the best architectures. Furthermore, model reduction techniques based on machine learning can be used to produce machine models that can be integrated into system-level simulations. These tools, through the efficient use of simulation-generated data, can inform and accelerate decision-making in the design of electrical systems.

Biography  : Vincent Leconte is directing the business development of Altair’s electromechanical simulation solutions. He graduated and had his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble in France, specializing in electromagnetic modelling methods and numerical analysis. He joined Schneider Electric where he spent about 10 years, first designing innovative electromechanical components, and then being responsible for electromagnetic simulation methods and tools, at the corporate level. Before joining Altair, he was CEDRAT’s Chief Technical Officer for 7 years, guiding the evolution of Flux software. 

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