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Thursday June 1

Workshop 05 - 09:30 am to 01:00 pm

Generative AI: what uses, what actors, what issues?
Chaired by St├ęphane Requena, Director Innovation & Technology, Genci and Patrick Fabiani, AI Roadmapping & Advanced Scientific Studies, Dassault Aviation

The generative AIs proposed by the main players in the field have moved up a gear in terms of media exposure and public debate.

Questions about the use of these tools range from ethical principles to security, or sovereignty issues: "Are we allowed to use them for this or that purpose? "At school? "At the university? "Are they a danger? "Are they an opportunity? "What guarantees do they offer? "Can they be misused? "Are they a useful or dangerous tool depending on their use?

However, the possible uses of these generative AIs seem to bring a pragmatic and concrete help in some works by avoiding some repetitive or laborious tasks: a bit like in the whole history of machines invented by man to relieve his pain and multiply his efforts.

We propose to examine in this workshop different points of view and lines of thought on the subject by inviting in the discussion pragmatic and informed users, actors of the field and expert opinions on the stakes of the development of these generative AIs ".

With the participation of :

  • Thomas Wolf, Co-Founder & CSO, Hugging Face
    Unleashing the Power of Open-Source AI: Transforming Creative Industries

    Download the presentation >>>>

  • Antoine Jacquot, Senior Data Scientist, Dassault Aviation
    Discover Advanced Possibilities of ChatGPT for Developers

    Download the presentation >>>>

  • Laurence Devillers, Professor in Artificial Intelligence at Sorbonne-University, Research Chair in AI at CNRS
    AI, ChatGPT: what are the challenges for tomorrow?

  • Meriem Bendris, Senior Deep Learning data scientist, NVidia
    Technical challenges of Generative AI

    Download the presentation >>>>

  • Daphne Marnat, anthropologist and founder, UnBias
    How to identify and prevent social biases (i.e. sexism, racism) in language models?

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