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Teaching and training

Teratec has joined forces with universities and major engineering schools to design programs in initial and continuing education that cover the entire spectrum of high performance simulation and modeling. These initiatives will be expanded and reinforced to form a European training institute.

Teratec Training Workshop

Since 2014, Training Workshops have been organized on the Teratec Campus. The aim of these workshops is to enable Teratec members to present their latest innovations, hardware, software or services, showcasing practical application to an industrial context and guiding participants in their implementation. It also gives them the opportunity to meet the Digital Simulation & Big Data community within the Teratec ecosystem.

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Master’s Degree in High-Performance Computing & Simulation (MIHPS)

With the MIHPS, students will gain multi-disciplinary expertise, specializing in HPC programming techniques and modeling and simulation expertise, alongside strong expertise in parallelism (hardware, software, numerical) and in network computing. The Master’s Degree is delivered by the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, the Ecole Centrale de Paris, the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and the PRES UniverSud.

With a success rate of 82% in the first year and 83% in the second year of the first intake of students, the master's degree is showing good results. Moreover, in accordance with the research and professional aim of the master's degree, half of the second year graduates have entered into research, and the other half are specialized managers in HPC. The 2011-2012 class is made up of 21 students in the first year, and 21 in the second year.

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Modelling and Simulation Master (M2S)

The Modelling and Simulation Master course thus provides a working knowledge in three areas: Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer science. Particular emphasis is given to the modelling of complex phenomena on different scales, from the behaviour of materials to astrophysics. A wide variety of courses and work-experience placements are offered, so that each student can tailor the course according to his or her background and personal ambitions.

Each student has an advisor chosen from the Master course lecturers. The advisor guides the student and helps him or her to choose the courses and work experience placement best suited to the student's goals. The participation of major research institutions such as ONERA and the CEA guarantees that many job opportunities and doctoral thesis topics will be available for recipients of this Master. These, in turn, can lead to careers in industry as well as academic research.

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Continuing Training

"A la carte" continuing training can also be offered, depending on the company’s needs. All training will take place on the TERATEC Campus, in an environment entirely dedicated to supercomputing and simulation.


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