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SiMSEO: introducing 52 services in digital simulation dedicated to the Manufacturing industries.

Along with new technologies and new practices, other requirements related to risk management, cost and lead time reduction demand that Micro companies and SME’s revisit the way they design and manufacture by spreading digital strategies in order to increase productivity and competitiveness as well.

Some of these SME’s have already started their digital transformation while others are still questioning about adopting the right processes for their business: which software with which hardware, which competencies suiting / matching which organization with which funding?

In order to address these specific issues, we have launched 52 services aiming at assisting Micro companies and SME’s in the use of digital simulation. Integrating diagnosis with expertise, implementation of pilot project-phase, software and training for use, all these offers focus on 2 priority areas:

  • Design: Sizing/conception/optimisation

    • Mechanical systems (parts, tools, and systems)
      • Mechanics : welded assembly, bolted and screwed, holding, vibrations, mass reduction
      • Kinematics : articulated devices
      • Fluid handling: Molding and flowing / CFD
      • Thermic (heat and cold transfer…)
    • Polymers and elastomers
  • Manufacturing
    • Metal production: foundry, stamping, welding, machining processes
    • Plastics injection process
    • Joint manufacturing process
    • logistics or production flow

SiMSEO: 25 services in digital simulation addressing the needs of Architects and Design offices in the Building and Construction sector.

Achieving ever increasing objectives, be it performance related to energy, environment or, dealing with safety, quality of acoustics or visual display… for all these, we need to ensure optimal building supplies, covering and equipment using digital simulation tools.

Since November 2017, closely working with PTNB, UNSFA and CINOV, SiMSEO has deployed 25 services covering digital simulation dedicated to Architects and Design offices. Integrating diagnosis, implementation of pilot project-phase, software and training for use, these offers focus on 5 priority areas:

  • Structures
  • Energy
  • Acoustics
  • Lighting
  • LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment)


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