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Qarnot Computing

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Qarnot Computing
Qarnot Computing develops the Q.Ware, a PaaS that is dedicated to cloud computing which gives access to an ecological and economical HPC infrastructure whatever the computation needs (AI, ML, Big Data, Simulation, 3D rendering...) or market (finance, insurance, biotechnologies, retail, industry, animation or VFX studio...).

Qarnot rethinks data centers by breaking up collections of servers and spreading them into buildings (homes, offices, schools, logistics warehouses...) in the form of computing heaters and boilers embedding high performance processors and free-cooling computing clusters.

Computation is distributed thanks to the Q.Ware which takes advantage of the container technology. The waste heat is reused instantly thanks to the disruptive platform that dispatches automatically the computation where heat (of air or water) is needed. By avoiding data center costs related to infrastructure, maintenance, and cooling, Qarnot offers affordable HPC.

Qarnot Computing & Teratec
Being part of the European Pole of Competence in High Performance Simulation will enable us  to share our expertise in two main areas: distributed data center and ecological computing.  Our knowledge is based on our experience and our important investments in R&D. We have a  team of multiple skills engineers whose mission is to explore the new scope of application of  HPC. Along with our Innovation management, they can take part in Think Tanks or research  projects and contribute to spreading the results.  

R&D Activities
In 2019 and 2020, Qarnot has dedicated ⅓ of its expenses in R&D. Qarnot is also currently  involved in 3 European or national projects:  
  • The CATALYST project, financed by the European Union and part of the h2020 research programme, plans to turn data centers into multiple-energy sources of flexibility for energy networks. Qarnot has been very much involved in the erasement questions (electricity and heat) and migration of virtual machines to control electrical consumption.

  • GRECO is a French project led by ANR (Research National Agency) in collaboration with INRIA labs. Its goal is to find a better way to manage edge and extreme edge resources to optimize their use. Qarnot also supervises a postgraduate student who works on AI applied to the smart building , as a way to use local resources smartly.

  • Qarnot takes part in the think tank of the CEDaCI project: Its goal is to create a circular economy for the industry of data centers. To do so, they want to gather all the stakeholders of the electronic equipment life cycle and turn the waste into a useful resource.

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