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32 rue Victor Baloche

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CADLM has over 25 years of experience in computer simulation, optimization and industrial data mining. We are an actor in HPC, BIG-DATA analysis and software development and customization In addition, as a partner System@tic. Our unique know-how concerning machine learning tools, robust optimization and reliability analysis of complex industrial systems (where no modelling is appropriate) is in presented in our software ODYSSEE (Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise).

ODYSSEE provides packaged solutions for practical BIG DATA processing (analysis of acquired process data, health and early warning indicators, optimization of production line control parameters, fault detection, customization of dedicated decision support tools based on ODYSSEE modules,...). Additionally we provide virtual testing tools for automated analysis of digital data coupled with experimentation and expertise (implementation of complex processes control dashboard, optimizing outcomes, saving time in the correlation tests / calculations,). Unique vertical applications are also available for studying reliability and robustness of a structure (or a system) at a very low computing cost, reduced models for process control or on-board (real time) applications, decision support tool.

CADLM is Teratec partner for

  • Continue HPC  development,
  • Enhance its services and products in the Teratec network
  • Offer its services and products to other Teratec partners
  • Develop its network and identify potential partners

CADLM is involved in research projects and competitiveness clusters (System@tic, Astech, Moveo and Advancity).

  • RID : Risk and portfolio management in civil engineering

  • MECASIF : Reduced model and data fusion in crash and explosions

  • Od.Miner : BIG DATA analysis, modeling in  healthcare



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