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Tuesday 14 June 2022 - Ecole Polytechnique

Hybridization: what are we talking about?

Hybridity has become the buzzword of choice when it comes to digital technology and its applications, whether in terms of hardware, software applications or usage.

Today, users no longer rely on unified IT architecture, but on hybrid solutions that combine on-demand hardware installed on their premises (On Premise), as well as some fully dedicated but hosted in the Cloud, and hardware accessible in the form of services to respond to workload peaks or specific needs.

Similarly, at the application level, the increase of data feedback from the field thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the greater variety of data coming in every day in larger volumes and at ever higher rates (Big Data), often lead to coupling Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) with applications in order to make the most of this mass of information.

This combination of ever expanding computer performance and increasing precision of data processing methods leads to an evolution and multiplication of uses, as well as the emergence of new concepts. High performance simulation is now embedded in real-time in the design process thus becoming much more predictive to accelerate innovation. In the same way, the coupling between design data and real-world data allows the creation of real digital behavioral twins to optimize the design of products or the operation of existing facilities.

Hybridization is therefore present at all levels of digital technology! Such a trend that also reinforces multiple related issues: Data security and sovereignty; Integration of exascale and quantum technologies; Energy efficiency...

This is why we came up to dedicate the two Roundtables of this day of the Forum Teratec 2022 plenary sessions to Hybridization, in order to evoke the diversification side, on the one hand of applications and uses, and on the other hand of architectures, even if both evolve together.

Round table 1 : Hybridization of architectures
Tuesday, June 14 from 11:10 to 12:30

Speaker have discussed the evolution of HPC, Cloud, Edge Computing, IoT technologies and the upcoming rise of exascale and quantum, to expand the field of possibilities for applications. They also highlighted the aspects of data sovereignty and security, without forgetting the energy sobriety imposed by sustainable development.

Animated by Jean-François Prevéraud with the participation of the sponsors :

Adrien Badina
Directeur Innovation
Jérémie Bourdoncle
Senior Director Strategic Partnership
Jérôme Stoller
Head of Software & AI R&D
Laurent Thiers
Vice President EMEA
DDN Storage
Emilie Gaudu
HPC & AI Business Dev for France
Dell Technologies
Pierre Hoffer
Directeur Presales EMEA HPC & IA
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jean-Laurent Philippe
EMEA HPC Director
Intel Corporation

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Round table 2 : Hybridization of applications and uses
Tuesday, June 14 from 14:40 to 16:00

Speakers have discussed their vision of the convergence between HPC, AI, Big Data and Data Analytics, leading to the emergence of new uses such as the behavioral digital twin being used both to design ever more innovative products and to make the best use of existing equipment. An application transformation made possible by the concurrent evolution of hardware technologies.

Animated by Jean-François Prevéraud with the participation of the sponsors :

Pascal Pottier
VP Presales
Mathieu Jeandron
Tech Lead AWS Secteur public France
Christine Menache
Responsable TGCC-CCRT
Thierry Porcher
Chief Technology Officer
Do It Now
Gautier Soubrane
Director West Europe & EMEA Channel
Yann Caniou
HPC Solution Cloud Architect
Bertrand Ounanian
Senior Systems Engineer
Vast Data

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