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Workshop 4 - Wednesday, June 28 from 9:00 to 12:30
Evolution of HPC software environment

Improving resource allocation to reduce data movement overhead in applications with SLURM

Abstract : This presentation will focus on SLURM Workload Manager improvements developed within the COLOC ITEA project (the COncurrency and LOcality Challenge). This project seeks to design, implement and validate new approaches to optimise process placement and data locality management of HPC clusters & applications. During the presentation we will detail the improvements we made to SLURM in order to enable it to select the most suitable set of nodes for a given parallel application.

On one side we will describe how we optimized the I/O filesystem bandwidth management dealing with heterogeneous resources and how we improved data read/write on persistent storage. On the other side, we will show how the integration of Treematch/SLURM enables to optimize data exchanges by matching the resources to the actual application communication pattern. Both functionalities aim at minimizing execution times and optimising the system utilization.

Bio : Yiannis Georgiou is a Software Engineer at BULL-Atos in the HPC Research and Development department, working as the architect for Resource and Job Management Systems. He is an active developer on SLURM workload manager project. His research interests are centered on the problematics of Resource and Job Management in large-scale clusters and clouds such as workload modeling, efficiency, scalability, power management and high throughput computing. He holds an M.S. Degree in Computer Science, obtained in 2006, from the University Joseph Fourier, France and a PhD degree, obtained in 2010, dealing with Resource and Job Management in High Performance Computing, effectuated in collaboration with Bull and INRIA.

Bio : Thomas Cadeau is a Software Engineer at Bull-Atos in the HPC Research and Development department working as technical leader for Resource and Job Management Systems. He is an active developer on SLURM Workload Manager project. He holds a M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics, obtain in 2008, from the University of Angers, France. He then spent three years at Ecole Centrale Paris, France, on the Applied Mathematics laboratory working for the European FP7 Pegase project.

Flow around a business jet aircraft with complex shock-boundary layer interaction, as captured in a section through the CFD unstructured mesh. © Dassault Aviation
Realistic flows around such complex 3d configurations require CFD analyses with mesh adaptation, as implemented in Dassault Aviation’s xAdaptMesh workflow which typically benefits from SLURM extensions described above.

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