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Forum Teratec 2022
Plenary session
Tuesday 14 June 2022

Digital Simulation for High Performance, Big Data and Machine Learning (AI): Technology challenges and diversity of use

Sovereignty and Green iT: A more responsible and performant virtuous circle for HPC
Alain Wilmouth

The increasing performances and thermal envelop of the chips need our attention if we want to correctly operate our infrastructure.
Standard air cooling will soon not be able to operate the new chips generations to come.
A choice has to be made: Do we stay in deniale and keep consuming more energy in order to keep operate, or, do we take a significant lip towards a more responsible and better future.

From application standpoint, geopolitical crisis, ethic, and legal obligation finally bring the matter of sovereignty on our choice of technology, for now and tomorrow.

Simulations, compute and storage management are all questions we need to solve now to avoid dependency, crisis and finally get the social and economical outputs of our research and discoveries to our fellow citizens.

Biography: Alain Wilmouth has a university diploma in Economics. Self-taught entrepreneur who for more than 25 years has built up his technical expertise and reputation in the IT world.
His extensive experience in management positions in the IT sector has allowed him to acquire solid managerial and business management experience while honing his technical background. After creating several businesses, he founded 2CRSi in 2005.

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