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Wednesday October 14, 2020

Workshop 08 - 14:00 to 17:30

HPC, Digital-trust and (Cyber)security

Chaired by Jean-Pierre Tual, Scientific advisor, Systematic Competitiveness Cluster

The goal of this workshop is to explore connections and interactions between future HPC architecture and related technologies and Digital Trust and (Cyber)security. Among the specific concerns, there are some legitimate issues which need to be addressed such as

  • Will next cryptographic algorithms (e.g. Public Key, Post Quantum) be able to resist to the new Exa or, close to Exascale computing power? Are there some applications at risk?

  • With the generalization of very large-scale Cloud Computing infrastructure, supporting Big-Data infrastructure, is there a chance to protect, anonymize the data from the users? What is the time frame for efficient related crypto algorithms such as Homomorphic Computing?

  • Security and low to ultra-low power consumption will be two necessary attributes of future IT infrastructures. With the current amazing deployment of new decentralized Trust Models such as Blochchains, is there some visible path to reach optimized security/consumption trade-offs suitable for the massive deployment of new applications (see for example the recent announcement of EDF with its target offer based on Cloud Computing and Blockchain as a service for Energy service management

  • Next generation of IT and Communication infrastructure will generate massive amounts of data. This can be for example in tracing all the events in a given configuration, or in the monitoring of a massive IoT platform. How can we imagine the links between HPC and related architectures, Big-data processing and analytics (including AI related aspects)?

  • Next high-performance architecture for industrial IT monitoring of 5G network virtualization and storage management

These questions will be addressed in some dedicated talks following a general introduction on future perspective and paradigm changes for Digital Trust and Cybersecurity.

The workshop will close with a round table involving some of the workshop speakers and discussing sovereignty aspects related to HPC and Cybersecurity (at both national and European level).

With the participation of :

Jean-Pierre Tual, Scientific advisor, Systematic Competitiveness Cluster


Chiffrement homomorphe et sécurité du cloud : mythes, faits et challenges
Renaud Sirdey, Directeur de Recherche, CEA LIST

Abstract & Biography

Converge HPC - IoT : Enjeux et contraintes
Thierry Collette, Ph.D., Director of the Information Sciences and Techniques Research Group, Thales Research

Abstract & Biography

Puissance de calcul et cybersécurité
Louis Granboulan, Senior expert cybersecurity, Airbus DS SLC

Abstract & Biography

Round Table
With the participation of the speakers



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