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Workshops - Wednesday October 14

Workshop 2 - 16:00 to 17:30

Do you speak Exascale?
Chaired by Guillaume Colin de Verdière, Senior Expert on HPC and Jean-Philippe Nominé, HPC Strategic Collaborations Manager, CEA DAM

Data everywhere, Compute anywhere
By Jean-Thomas Acquaviva, Senior researcher, DDN Storage

With our modern ubiquitous of data acquisition capabilities data are now everywhere: from cars to 5G cellular networks, from the edge to central HPC centers or cloud farms. It remains that data have a weight: moving large amount of data is complicated, costly and error prone. Data Gravity is a physical law which will model our digital environment.

Within this context, a major shift has happened on the application side. In the trail of virtual machines, HPC and big data ecosystems have spearheaded a huge effort on code portability: containers allows to distribute codes and applications seamlessly, Jupyter and notebooks are used to bring access to supercomputers right at the desk of anyone. On the AI side, federated learning algorithms allow to mutualize learning results without sharing the data themselves. These gains in portability dramatically decrease the cost of moving applications in respect of the efforts require to displace large volume of data.

These trends observed in the mainstream markets arise as well in HPC but exacerbated. In the
Exascale era, HPC centers are in a unique position. Due their long involvement in numerical simulation and data acquisition coming from large scientific instruments, HPC centers hold a gigantic volume of data and all the skills to manage, store and protect data at scale.

Mechanically, they will attract new class of applications, driven from remote sites to compute on the locally stored data. Such an evolution requires scalable active data frameworks, able to ingest or egest data at any scale, analytics insight, and inter-operability supporting a variety of data formats.

We will discuss the solutions brought by DDN R&D to these challenges.

Biography : Jean-Thomas Acquaviva is heading DDN’s cooperative Research group based in Paris. He has worked successively for Intel, the University of Versailles and the French Atomic Commission (CEA). He participated to the creation of their joint laboratory the Exascale Research Centre, where he led the Performance Evaluation Team. Today he’s actively contributing to the development of the DDN Advanced Technology Centre in France. Jean-Thomas holds a PhD from the University of Versailles performed at CEA/DAM.

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