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Wednesday, June 15 - Application Workshop

Workshop 02 - 9:00 to 12:30 pm

HPC Technologies and Health
Chaired by Daniel Verwaerde, co-founder and president, Teratec

MICROCARD: modeling the heart cell by cell
By Mark Potse, research professor, Université de Bordeaux

MICROCARD is a European research project aiming to simulate cardiac electrophysiology with micrometer resolution on exascale supercomputers. The code that MICROCARD develops will allow cardiologists to better understand how cardiac arrhythmia develop, especially in tissue damaged by infection, DNA mutations, or previous infarction, as in such tissues the electrical interactions between individual cells are thought to be crucial.

The cell-by-cell models that MICROCARD is aiming for are 10,000 times larger than heart models that are used routinely today. To meet this challenge the project involves informaticians, numerical scientists, mathematicians, and biomedical engineers to attack every aspect of the problem: evaluating complex model equations efficiently on heterogeneous architectures, developing numerical schemes with matching solvers and preconditioners, flexible and resilient task-based parallelization, and also handling of the enormous computational meshes that will be needed.

Results of the first year of the project include replacement of PETSc by the Ginkgo high-performance linear algebra library, automated code optimization that allows model equations to run up to 10 times faster, and methods to generate detailed tissue geometries.

Biography: Mark Potse is a research professor at Université de Bordeaux and member of the Inria team CARMEN. He studies the mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmia using numerical models, and develops the HPC code that is needed for this research. A physicist by training, he has used both signal analysis methods and simulation to investigate cardiac electrophysiology, both in Europe and in Canada. He is the scientific coordinator of the MICROCARD project (https://microcard.eu).



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