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Workshops - Wednesday October 14

Workshop 2 - 16:00 to 17:30

Do you speak Exascale?
Chaired by Guillaume Colin de Verdière, Senior Expert on HPC and Jean-Philippe Nominé, HPC Strategic Collaborations Manager, CEA DAM

Atos’ computing continuum, from high performance computing to edge computing
By Arnaud Bertrand, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Innovation and R&D (BDS), Atos

The never-ending evolution of data processing thru computing is bringing new paradigm to HPC. Data centers, HPC and Cloud, have centralized processing capabilities. Pushed by legal constraints, evolving cyber threats, real time processing requirements, increased amount of data which cannot move easily and enhanced capabilities available in small form factors, the computing world is ready for the emergence of Edge computing as an extension of HPC systems.

Atos is working on its computing continuum which is requiring modular hardware systems (including Quantum devices, Edge computers, Data Center solution as well as modular supercomputers) and a complete set of software, ready to deliver end-to-end capabilities, network components which will connect the dots and an enhanced energy efficiency compared to today’s solutions.

In this talk, Arnaud Bertrand, Senior Vice President in the BDS Division of Atos, will present the various elements under development in the Atos R&D teams, and will introduce the concept of Open Sequana.

Biography : Arnaud Bertrand, Atos Fellow, is Group SVP in charge of Strategy, Innovation and R&D for Atos Big Data & Cybersecurity Division. This embeds R&D and Engineering of Computing Solutions, Servers and HPC, Big Data and AI, Cyber Security, Mission Critical Systems and Defense Systems, and also covers Atos contribution to European Processor Initiative (EPI). He is also Chairman of FastConnect, a subsidiary of Atos focused on Analytics and AI professional services. Since 2020, A. Bertrand has also been appointed Atos CTO for Telecommunication, Media and Technology capitalizing on his 20 years of experience working for various Telco leading groups before joining Bull in 2014. He holds a Master of Engineering in Electronics and Computer Science.

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