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The European meeting for Experts in High Power Digital
Simulation . HPC/HPDA . Artificial Intelligence . Quantum Computing

Wednesday 31 May 2023 from 11.40am to 12.40pm
Parc Floral de Paris

What answer can HPC provide to climate change?

HPC can make a significant contribution to the fight against global warming by enabling complex scenarios to be modelled and simulated to better understand and predict climate change. Weather models are a well-known application of HPC, but there are also other areas where HPC can be useful in tackling climate change, such as modelling combustion, designing more energy-efficient materials, managing renewable energy production and optimising energy networks.

Manufacturers wishing to adapt their operations to meet climate challenges are likely to need to use HPC technologies to collect and analyse massive data for modelling and simulation purposes. In addition, manufacturers will need to explore new technologies and business models that reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

This Round Table is moderated by Gautier Virol, Journalist specialized in new technologies, L'Usine Nouvelle, with the participation of :

  • Marc Pontaud, Directeur Enseignement Supérieur & Recherche, Méteo France

  • Raphaele Henon, pilote du programme Innovation à la Direction des programmes et de l'appui aux politiques publiques, IGN

  • Mathieu Jeandron, France & Benelux Head of Solution Architecture, AWS Public Sector

  • Cyril Laurie, Senior Manager Avant-Ventes EMEA, AMD

  • Frédéric Pariente, Senior manager in the solutions architecture and engineering group, NVidia

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