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R&D Project

ACTIVOPT project

The objectives of this project is to develop new optimisation algorithms and after integrate them in an Graphical User Interface giving the possibility to build interoperable workflows between software.



CARRIOCAS studies and implements an ultra high bit rate (up to 40Gb/s per channel) optical fiber core network to meet the scientific and industrial needs in remote usage of computing and storage resource for high performance interactive/collaborative simulations and virtual prototyping.

CARRIOCAS presentation of result


COLLAVIZ project

The Collaviz programis an innovative multidomain remote collaborative platformfor the simulation-based design applications. In partnership with 28 French and international partners, Collaviz will bring to the scientific and industrial community is to make remote analysis and collaboration easily available and scalable.


COOL-IT project

Le projet COOL IT vise à optimiser l’énergie totale nécessaire au fonctionnement des infrastructures informatiques.


CSDL project (Complex System Design Lab)

The CSDL project (Complex Systems Design Lab) aims at developping a comprehensive collobarative environment for decision making at the earliest stage of a project.


EPHOC project (Environnement Haute Performance pour l’Optimisation et la Conception)

The main goal of EHPOC consits in delivering industrial platforms, multiscale and multiphysics software dedicated to global design in order to produce best in class numerical design tools, especially in the materials field, enabling robust multidisciplinary optimization of complex products and systems.


Projet FAME 2

Une nouvelle génération de serveurs pour le calcul intensif et le traitement de l'information


Projet IOLS Infrastructures and Software Tools for Simulation

The 1st target of IOLS was the design and the development of generic software and platforms for products and process global design and optimisation (coupling, large-scalemeshes, visualisation, …). The 2nd goal was the development of methodologies formultiscale simulations and multi-disciplinary optimisation.


OpenGPU project

Plateforme intégrée de parallélisation de codes industriels et académiques pour architectures GPU & hybrides


OpenHPC project

Open HPC has to answer several challenges: adapting software to HPC and making them interoperable, optimizing the utilization costs of both hardware and software and giving a remote access to the HPC environments and to the services.


OPUS project (Open source Platform for Uncertainty treatment in Simulation)

L’objectif du projet OPUS est de lancer une dynamique forte autour du Traitement Générique des Incertitudes en structurant au sein d’une plate-forme logicielle libre et intégrée des contributions prototypes et efforts de recherche appliquée à fort enjeu industriel.


POPS project (Peta Operation Par Second)

Design and develop data processing systems suited to the largest spectrum of High Performance Computing applications, targeting the Petaflops range.


PARMAT project (PARallélisation pour la simulation des MATériaux)

The goal of the project PARMAT is to optimize three codes (ab initio, montecarlo,
chemical kinetics) of the chain for the future petaflopic architecture made of some hundreds of thousands of cores like the IBM machine BlueGene in order to reach the sufficient size of the simulated system.

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