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Scilab News

September 16, 2016 - Scilab makes a major announcement with the release of its Scilab Cloud offering:
  • Scilab Cloud App for the deployment of simulation and post-processing applications that users can directly access from a web browser

  • Scilab Cloud API to give access to your engineering and simulation knowledge through web services which are accessible by any network-connected machine.

Already selected by clients such as Sanofi, Scilab Cloud allows you :

  • To easily collaborate with colleagues and partners who don’t need to master Scilab
  • To centralize your data and your algorithms
  • To protect the intellectual property of your simulation and post-processing codes
  • To simplify and control your application or API deployment

For more details on this offering, please click HERE.

And to discover how Sanofi leverages Scilab Cloud App for an application focused on industrial energy costs simulation, please click HERE.


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